Amazon Offers 30 Days Free Trial for ‘FreeTime Unlimited’ – Great for Kids

Amazon has launched this amazing product called the ‘Amazon FreeTime Unlimited’, where you and your kids can enjoy unlimited access to all kinds of children books, movies and shows suited for children and many educational applications along with some amazing set of learning games and explore so much more than the usual. Considering how the learning process has emerged to a new technological level, this could be one of the best things that I have heard so far.

Amazon Freetime Unlimited

Amazon is offering a one month free trial for its Prime and Non-Prime members for FreeTime Unlimited to make the most of their child’s free time. The free trial will give you an insight of what all the new product has to offer and it probably will be something that every parent would want for their child, spending the day doing something more productive in nature, while the parents are fully in control of what they watch.

FreeTime Unlimited is currently available for people living in the US, Germany, and UK, allowing users to enjoy more than 16,000 books for children along with other exciting products. Fire and Android users can also enjoy the free trial from their devices. FreeTime Unlimited could be a good way to keep your children busy while they are learning through whatever it is that they are watching or playing on the application.

With the busy lifestyle of parents these days, this product could be a lifesaver for those who want peace of mind after a hectic day at work and also want their child to learn something new every day. It becomes very difficult for parents to patiently make their child learn something out of the box. FreeTime Unlimited unveils a variety of such books, and movies, which help the child learn even when they are having their TV time.

Other video forums, like Youtube, for example, has a lot of ads during the video. These ads distract the child, making them impatient for their video to restart. On the other hand, FreeTime Unlimited will save you from this phase of impatience as it has no ads. This means the child will have his or her movie time, without any interruptions. No interruptions for the baby also means no interruptions for the parent while they take a nap, work or just chill out.

Once the free trial for FreeTime Unlimited is over, it only costs $2.99 per month for getting a membership for an individual plan, which is pretty feasible in my opinion. You can also choose a one year pre-paid plan for FreeTime Unlimited. The number of books, videos, and movies that are being offered in exchange for this small monthly payment, you bet that you will be enjoying much more than you are paying in.

Benefits of Using FreeTime Unlimited

  • Good Entertainment for your children
  • A Great number of videos, movies, and games along educational learning
  • Keeps your child busy
  • Gives you enough time to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while your child is being entertained by FreeTime Unlimited.
  • Economically affordable
  • Easy access
  • Various options for monthly and yearly payment plans.

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