Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK now Available for Windows

Amazon has just made available its Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SD for Microsoft Windows and users seem to be ecstatic. According to Amazon blog, users can now stream videos into AWS directly from sources like USB cameras, webcams, RTSP (network cameras) and other devices which are connected to their Microsoft Windows machine.

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SD reportedly makes it convenient for users to safely stream videos from a large number of connected devices to AWS for the purpose of real-time machine learning, analytics, storage and batch-oriented processing. It is also capable of durably storing, encrypting and indexing video data in the users’ streams and allows access to data through convenient and simple-to-use APIs.

There are several other advantages of using Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SD in Java and C++ which can be built, configured and installed on devices. This software makes it convenient for Amazon users to reliably and safely stream video into AWS frame-by-frame in real-time.

Previously, Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SD was available only for Mac OS, Linux, Android and Raspbian. Now the C++ Producer SDK has also been made available for Microsoft Windows. According to the news release, developers can use Minimal GNU for Windows or the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Compiler for building the producer SDK from their required source and begin streaming from cameras that are connected to their Microsoft Windows machine. In addition to this, Amazon developers have also packaged the Producer SDK GStreamer Plug-in for Windows as a Docker image so that the users can simply do a Docker pull and get started with streaming video in minutes.

The only prerequisites to the steps for building the Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK using the MinGW compiler are that the users download and install the MSYS2 version for their specific Windows platform. MSYS2 provides all the tools to build native Windows applications using MinGW tool chains.

More information on this can be acquired from here, where the tutorial which demonstrates how to build and run Producer Libraries on Microsoft Windows is present for the users.

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Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK now Available for Windows

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