Amazon France Lists “Horizon: Zero Dawn” for PC Users

Horizon: Zero Dawn is perhaps one of the best titles that came out for the Sony camp. Not only did it give an amazing open-world experience, but the story that followed along with it, just amazing. Now, as we read in Xbox’s announcement about backward compatibility as well, we see a new dynamic at play. Cross-platform access to games should be the key. While some may argue that it would affect the competition at hand but that can also be managed, in theory, at the very least.

We recently saw the amazing Red Dead Redemption come to the PC gamers (the true gamers, as they say). While the game primarily did show issues, they did appreciate having the title. After all, with the raw power, a PC gives, only these people can push the title to its limits. Similarly, Nibel has tweeted something quite interesting about the former title.

Horizon: Zero Dawn for PC?

According to the tweet, Amazon in France listed an anomalous item on their website. This item was the title, Horizon: Zero Dawn. Not only that, but it is listed for the Windows platform and published by Sony no less. Given the fact that the game came out back in 2017, on February 28, its third anniversary is right around the corner. Keeping that part in mind, the title for the PC to come out of nowhere would be an excellent marketing strategy for a surprise launch this Friday.

With that out of the way through, we have to think about the unknowns. Given that it is coming for the PC, how many issues would it face initially? Considering the fact that it has had a lot more time than RDR2 to establish itself, would it actually be as glitchy. Also for Xbox users and future Xbox Series X users: would they actually get to play the title on their consoles. Perhaps we would know for sure after the title is released this Friday (Thanks for ruining the surprise, Amazon France).

PS: Here was the link. Don’t worry, it has been taken down now.

Sarmad Burki
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