Amazon Forest Survival Game Green Hell Enters Early Access

Developer Creepy Jar’s amazonian survival game Green Hell has made its way onto Steam Early Access. With a variety of unique gameplay elements, such as realistic weather and animal mechanics, the game differs from many other survival games out there.

Green Hell

Set in the heart of the amazonian rainforest, Green Hell challenges the player by throwing danger at every possible turn. Described as an ‘open world survival simulator’, the game follows the player as they survive against the many dangers of the forest. The player starts with absolutely nothing, and has to rely on actual survival techniques to survive by building shelter, hunting for food, and fending off attacking animals.

The deadly predators in the jungle are not the only threat, as players can be harmed by poisonous plants and catch diseases. The body inspection mechanic lets players diagnose their body in order to heal themselves. This insanely detailed system even lets players remove parasites that lay on their character’s body.

“Early Access community is invited to participate in the official Green Hell forum community at Steam as well as strongly encouraged to feed gameplay suggestions, issues, and technical bugs”

Regarding early access, the developers took this opportunity to interact more with the community and grow alongside the players. Currently, the developers aim for a full release in three months, with more features being added throughout the early access phase. In the full version of the game, players can expect to see a bigger map, more enemies and weapons, new mechanics and an in-depth story mode. “All mechanics of the sandbox included in the release of survival mode in Early Access,” says Creepy Jar. “We will grow upon this further over the coming months, but this is our starting blueprint.”

Green Hell is available now on PC via Steam. After the game exits early access, the price of the game will be increased.

Farhan Ali
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