Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub

Google and Amazon brands are in stiff competition as one is trying to outshine the other in several ways. One of the ways is the competition to introduce new advanced products in the market to satisfy the needs of the user. This is where the Google Nest Hub and the Amazon Echo Show 5 come into play. These are the smart displays which are gaining massive popularity in the market today as the technology of voice assistants keep on advancing. The two play a crucial role in your smart home ecosystem right from entertainment, to place videos calls and much more.

Amazon Echo Show 5
Amazon Echo Show 5

Now, there is a great chance that you are in a dilemma to choose from these two smart displays. Which one is better? Keep navigating through the page and find out. There is no doubt that both Amazon Echo Show 5 and the Google Nest Hub are tremendous options which will serve you well in your home. However, they have different strengths and limitations that make them better suited for different uses. Based on the in-depth comparison between the devices’ features, capabilities and much more, we were able to provide you with a detailed description of the two. This will guide you as you decide which of the two smart displays will be the best pick for you.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: Design

Design of a product normally captures the eyes of the buyer. This will provide the customer with the right decision whether to buy a product or not. The design of a product greatly contributes to the success of a product since it ensures the quality, ease of use, appearance, ease of use as well as the performance of a product. There, the Amazon Echo Show 5 and Google Nest Hub have different designs which capture the mind of the customer in different ways as well.

Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub

The Google Nest Hub has an astonishing design with an amazing look that captures the attention of any customer. With a floating display design, it can be easily placed anywhere as the touchscreen sits atop the base. The front side of both smart displays look mostly the same, however, the backside portrays the real difference between the two. The Google Nest Hub’s front display has an ambient light sensor located between two far-field microphones.

At the backside of Google Nest Hub, lies the base or the stand. It is covered with a fabric covering which conceals a lot of components inside it. This involves the 2:1 speaker, two tweeters and a sub which are capable of delivering a robust sound output. Other physical inputs available at the back include the volume rocker on the right-hand side as well as a centralized switch located at the top of the backside. Besides the power input, the Nest Hub does not have any other input ports, thus, making it impossible to plug in any extra accessories.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 on the other side is designed in a pyramid-like shape at the back of the display. It is also much smaller in size than the Nest Hub which is advantageous as it is much compact and sharper, therefore, likely to fit in any given position with ease. Moreover, with its design, there is more base support than the Google Nest Hub which makes it is more stable and unwavering. Its screen is slightly tilted upwards and it has a sensor camera on the front side. On the top, there are three physical buttons including one that activates or disables the microphones, one for volume up control and the other one for volume down.

Similarly, the Amazon Echo Show has a cloth-like covering for the bases as well as the speakers underneath.  The fabric colors, however, come in small numbers as compared to that of Nest Hub which is available colors including charcoal, sand, chalk, aqua and much more. In terms of physical inputs, the Echo Show 5 has an added advantage over the Nest Hub as it has extra ports. This includes the power port, the audio jack port as well as the micro USB port. Even more, both smart displays have touch control displays which allows for easier and faster interaction with the media controls, videos and much more. This, therefore, allows you to connect to other accessories like speakers, phones, etc.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: Display

The display of a product is also another important consideration to put in place while selecting the type of smart display to take home. Now we are going to take a look at the displays of both Echo Show 5 and the Nest Hub and note the differences between them. Therefore, this provides you with a perfect guide to make the right and best decision regarding the type of smart display to purchase.

The Google Nest Hub has an amazing display which is it’s one of its key features. With the 7-inch display panel and a resolution of 1024 x 600, the display brings about an astounding look, sharper texts as well as crisp and clear images. With this kind of resolution and bigger screen display, the display is sharp and of the finest quality, therefore, one can have a clear view of its contents from a distance. In addition to this, the ambient light sensor available comes in handy. It incredibly improves the display of images with the ability to adjust the brightness as well as the color temperature of the display to suit the surroundings.

On the other side, the Amazon Echo Show 5 is much smaller measuring 5.5-inch screen display. This takes the shape same as that of a normal smartphone. Due to its smaller size and the resolution of 960 x 480, you cannot be visually satisfied when the device is placed some distance away from you, thus resulting in a poor quality display. This is where the Nest Hub counters the Echo Show 5 in terms of display quality and comfortable viewing experience.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: User interface

The type of user interface plays a big role in satisfying the user purchasing desire. A good intuitive user interface will allow the user to navigate through the system with ease, therefore, making it easier for the user to interact with the device. So, between the two smart displays, which has the finest and most intuitive user interface?

Google Nest Hub User Interface
Google Nest Hub User Interface

The user interaction with the Google Nest Hub is amazingly impressive with more options to navigate through the smart display. One can be able to adjust most features of the Nest Hub on the device itself as well as via the Google Home app. This is not the case for the Amazon Echo Show which lets you adjust the features using from the device itself. Moreover, the user interface on the Nest Hub is known to be more user-friendly and very striking than that of Amazon Echo devices.

From accessing basic controls, home screen operations, art gallery to apps integration like YouTube, among others, the user can easily perform all the tasks without having troubles from the Nest Hub. This is due to the smoother operations, quicker responsiveness, as well as more user-friendly as compared to the competitor, Amazon Echo Show 5.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: Set up process

Setting up the Google Nest Hub is made easier with the aid of a companion app. This is the Google Home app which is available for both iOS and Android devices. Downloaded from either the App Store or the Google Play Store, the app will allow you to easily complete the setup process of the Nest Hub smart display. On the other side, the setup process for Amazon Echo Show 5 does not require any companion app. The process is done from the smart display itself. This, therefore, makes it easier to complete the setup process on the Nest Hub than on the Echo Show 5.

Moreover, the integration of new devices and services is also much easier on Nest Hub unlike the Echo Show 5. This is due to the reason that Echo Show will need you to install the skill capability to the device to give room for various devices to work properly. This is not the case for the Nest Hub which provides a smooth set up process that promptly finds, links and integrates with the Google account with ease. Therefore, the setup and integration process for the Nest Hub is much easier and straightforward than for the Echo Show 5 smart display.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: Usability

The usability of a product or any other device is also a substantial determining factor for the customer. This involves the ease of use of the product throughout the user interaction with the device. The smart display with more convenience and ease of use will be the best pick for you, most specifically as a new user. Therefore, let us find out which of the two has the finest and easiest usability to fit your desires.

The Google Nest Hub does not stop to amaze us with its remarkable features and capabilities. Due to its bigger display, it is much easier to use in terms of the touchscreen feature. However, the smaller size of the Echo Show 5 has an added advantage. It makes it easier for the user to place it in less conspicuous areas in your house. Moreover, the user very intuitive and user-friendly user interface for the Nest Hub makes it easier for the user to interact with the device without any problems.

In addition to this, the Nest Hub provides the user with the simplest and comfortable way of getting directions. For instance, when you ask for directions to a specific location, it will reveal the route on the screen while sending the directions to your smartphone, thanks to Google Maps. This will, therefore, make it very easy for you to get to your destination without much trouble. On the other side, the Echo show will only let you know how long it will take for you to reach your destination without sending any map information to your smartphone. Thus, this is also another vote for the Nest Hub.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: Smart home Integration

Since the world is heading towards the advanced level of technology, everything is now revolving around the smart technology. The smart home has automation systems including smart lighting, smart temperature control, smart security and now the smart speakers which both work together to maintain the smart home. The ability of the devices to achieve smart home capabilities is a matter of concern here.

Therefore, the ability for the smart display to work with other smart home devices is such a paramount aspect. Both Nest Hub and Echo Show have widespread smart home abilities with the support for digital voice assistants. The Alexa and Google Assistant is compatible with a good number of smart devices, including these two smart displays. The Echo Show device works well with devices like Ring doorbell security camera while the Google Nest Hub is designed to work well with Nest products like the Nest Hello video doorbell.

Amazon Echo Show vs Google Nest Hub: Sound Quality

The audio performance of a device is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting the best type of smart display. Good sound quality will provide you with immense experience in playing and videos. Thus, which of the two smart displays produce the best audio quality to satisfy your music needs? Let us find out.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 proves to take the lead with the best audio performance than the Google Nest Hub. Why? It has a full-range 1.65-inch built-in speaker which provides an impressive sound. With its design, it can bounce the sound off the surface the speaker is on, thereby, producing a good quality sound. Furthermore, the Echo Show 5 is equipped with a 3.5mm stereo audio output which allows for connection to additional external speakers. This boosts its audio performance.

On the other hand, the Google Nest Hub is speculated to have full range speaker which does not produce the desired sound quality. Its sound quality is quite fine, however, it is much lower compared to that of Echo Show 5. To add on to this, the Nest Hub does not offer support for audio output, hence, no additional speakers. Therefore, if you need to expect much from the Nest Hub sound performance, you are going to be disappointed. The Amazon Echo Show takes the upper hand in full room sound control.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: Security Cameras

Security is a major concern in every living surrounding. One would love to be safe and secure from any form of insecurities either at home or away from home. Since the advanced technology aims at beefing up security, there is the introduction of security cameras in many smart devices which play a vital role in managing security. So it is with most smart displays available.

Amazon Echo Show 5 with security camera
Amazon Echo Show 5 with security camera

The Amazon Echo Show allows you to view and monitor the camera feeds. The camera available in the smart display play a crucial role in managing security in your home. The Nest Hub, however, does not have this capability due to the absence of camera in the display. You, therefore, won’t be able to view and monitor the camera feeds, thus, unable to manage security at your home.

Even more, due to the availability of the camera in Echo Show 5, it will be possible for you to make video calls with ease. This enables you to have a face to face conversation with other people, thereby, providing an astonishing video call experience. This is not the case for the Google Nest Hub due to the absence of the camera.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: Price

Last but not least is the price of a commodity is also one of the deciding factors of whether to buy the item or not. You ought to go for the commodity that is within your reach. However, you might also need to dig deeper into your wallet to settle for the best quality regardless of the price difference. At most occasions, the best quality products usually come at a price, hence, worth the pricy value.

From several online shopping platforms like Amazon, eBay, Best Buy among others, you can easily purchase the smart display of your choice. There might be a slight difference in these shopping platforms but that won’t a big deal. The Google Nest Hub costs approximately $130 while the Amazon Echo Show 5 costs approximately $90.

Amazon Echo Show 5 vs Google Nest Hub: Bottom line

Now with the detailed description of the two smart displays, it is evident to you that you have finally found the one that fulfills the desires of your heart. With all the features and capabilities listed above, I believe you are now in a good position to make the final decision regarding the type of smart display to purchase. Is it Amazon Echo Show 5 or Google Nest Hub?

In a nutshell, the Google Nest Hub proves to remarkably take the lead with its impressive features and capabilities. This involves the overall performance, the ease of use, the design and display, the setup and integration process among others. The Amazon Echo Show 5 takes an upper hand with its better audio performance, availability of camera, as well as cheaper price. This, however, does not outshine the capabilities that the Google Nest Hub have in store.


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