Amazon Alexa Lost Her Voice on Christmas Day

Extensive requests received by Alexa caused the crash

Alexa has been at the heart of many Amazon speaker users. It looks like the virtual assistant wanted an off day this Christmas. According to reports, Amazon Alexa suffered outages on the Christmas day as people failed to connect with their devices. The heavy outages appeared in Europe with devices having intermittent connections. The outage happened across the UK as well.

Amazon Help’s twitter account confirmed the news that Echo devices in Europe had to face intermittent connections. The company said that the problem was present for almost two hours. Later the problem was fixed and Alexa was up and running to resume its operations. People took to Twitter to register their issues regarding the problem.

Alexa Goes Down

Due to the holiday season, Alexa was overloaded with requests. As a Christmas gift, a lot of people got Alexa or Amazon’s Echo Dot 2 wireless speakers. As people received new smart speakers, the immediately started plugging them in. the more users plugged in the more requests were received by Alexa.

The voice assistant as a result was unable to cope up with thousands of requests at the same time and crashed. When asked to perform any task, Alexa replied that it was having trouble understanding. The voice assistant also asked users to try again later with their requests. The customer care of the company was then flooded with complaints regarding the assistant crashing down.

It was later confirmed that the service issue has been fixed and customers can now interact with Alexa normally. The e-commerce giant didn’t disclose the real reason for the crash. It is believed that the extensive requests received by the servers caused the crash. The crash happened only in Europe with Amazon devices working properly with Alexa in the US with no complaints from the customers.

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Amazon Alexa Lost Her Voice on Christmas Day

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