[Updated] Amazon to Make an Offer to Acquire Electronic Arts, According to Latest Reports

Update 2: USA Today has now updated its original story saying that the article was outsourced to another outlet who used unvetted sources for this information. USA Today, interestingly, did not specify if the original story is now forfeit, implying that their stance remains the same. 

Source: USA Today

Update 1: According to David Faber from CNBC, Amazon will not submit a bid for EA.

A few months ago, there were rumors that EA and Comcast’s NBCUniversal division almost merged. Additionally, that article revealed continuing discussions with major corporations including Disney, Apple, and Amazon.

Fast forward to the present, according to a new USA Today article, Amazon is ready to put forward an offer for Electronic Arts very soon. The current market capitalization of EA is at around $35.48 billion, but we anticipate that Amazon will certainly pay more.

The purchase benefits Amazon as it will make it simpler for them to use EA’s numerous IPs for transmedia prospects, such as Prime Video adaptations following in the steps of Sony. Andrew Wilson, CEO of Electronic Arts, recently highlighted the prospective sale options and made hints that it may occur.

I think we’re in an incredible position. We’re soon to be the largest standalone independent developer and publisher of interactive media in the world. I think we have the most incredible teams in our industry and we’re attracting more and more incredible talent. We have a community that’s 600 million strong and certainly we’re well on our way to our aspirations to be able to engage a billion people in play across the planet.


I don’t think we could be in a stronger position as a standalone company. Our objective is always to take care of our people, our players, and our shareholders, and should there ever be a way for us to do that differently than the way we’re doing it today, I of course have to be open to that. But, I’ll tell you today, that we feel very, very confident and excited for our future.”

This year has been progressive in terms of acquisitions in the gaming business. A number of organizations are ready for a merger or administrative change because they perceive it as a means of moving forward, especially in light of Microsoft‘s acquisition of Activision Blizzard and the bar it established. Although it seems possible that Amazon may acquire EA, neither party has made an official announcement in this regard.


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