Alternate Payment Methods on the Epic Store Might Charge Consumers Extra

Yesterday, Epic announced that their new digital game marketplace now supports 30 different regions in terms of regional pricing. All supported countries are yet to receive local pricing, but Epic’s Sergey Galyonkin says they are on the way. The Epic Games store also changed its refund policy to be more like Steam’s, making users wonder what’s next for the store.

Alternate Payment Methods

Following the announcement, fans asked Galyonkin how alternate payment methods such as Skrill will be handled. The Director of Publishing Strategy confirmed that Epic is in talks with multiple payment providers. Some of these services charge a lot, and Galyonkin says that Epic will have to “pass those charges to consumers.”

It’s normal for payment providers like PayPal and Skrill to implement charges for transactions. Grey market key retail sites like G2A usually pass on the transaction charges to the customer. However, for giant digital game marketplaces like Steam, the customer is only charged the actual price of the product, and nothing more. In fairness, Steam does not allow users to pay via such payment providers.

Although using a credit card is the most straight-forward payment method, not everyone has easy access to one. This is how alternate payment methods make life easier for many. Galyonkin’s tweet implies that Epic doesn’t want to pick this route, and that they are looking for an option where the consumer isn’t charged extra.

Heartbound developer Pirate Software asked if it was possible for developers to “eat the cost of charges”. Galyonkin replied saying that, while it is possible, sponsoring the payment method could cost developers “up to 25% of the transaction”. Obviously, such a high number would make it financially illogical for the developers. Epic is currently exploring the possibilities of how the store would manage alternate payment providers.

Farhan Ali
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