ALOT Mod 6.1 Brings Updated 4K And 2K Rendered Textures For The Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect games were one of the best works of BioWare, with solid gameplay and emphasis on player choices which often changed the game’s narrative.

People who want to play the original trilogy for the first time or dive in for a nostalgic re-run are often thrown off by the dated graphics of the ME series, though this is expected as ME 1 had launched way back in 2007. This is where modders come in and breath new life into old games, often adding new content or improving textures and graphics.

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A modder who goes by the name of CreeperLava has just updated his graphic and texture mod ALOT (A Lot of Textures) to version 6.1, which adds even more 2K/4K texture packs for the original Mass Effect trilogy. ALOT is a compilation of all the great texture and graphics enhancement mods by various authors in a single package. This mod has about 350 high resolution textures just for ME1 with MEUITM implementation. Their goal is to achieve the best look for the games, while remaining very close to the vanilla feel.

You can download the Mod from the Nexusmods forums, after which you will have to run the installer and follow the given instructions for installation. You can also go the extra mile and install other graphics mods like ENBs and Sweet FX.

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ALOT Mod 6.1 Brings Updated 4K And 2K Rendered Textures For The Mass Effect Trilogy

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