All Weapon and Item Changes in Fortnite Patch v5.40

Patch v5.40 for Fortnite is live and adds the new Grappler item. As part of the High Stakes event, developer Epic Games added a new limited time mode called Getaway. While these new additions were revealed in an official livestreams, the patch notes for the update that went live today include a few other changes.

The new Grappler item can be fired at a nearby object to pull yourself towards it. It has an epic rarity and can be used 15 times before automatically being discarded. The item spawns in chests, floor loot, supply drops, supply llamas, and vending machines. Patch v5.40 vaults the revolver: Developers revealed in a blog video that they want to keep the item pool fresh, and vaulting items regularly is the way to go.

Rarity Color Adjustments

Today’s patch tweaks rarity colors for numerous weapons and items. The weapon statistics such as damage and reload times remain unchanged, but some rarities have been tweaked, while others were outright removed. “Some items have been removed or modified to better reflect their effectiveness,” read the patch notes.

Common Suppressed Submachine Guns, rare Rocket Launchers, legendary Bolt-action Sniper Rifles, and rare Pistols have been removed. To compensate for the change, the availability of the epic and legendary Rocket Launchers has been increased to 0.73% and 0.10% respectively. Remote Explosives are now classified as epic, and Port-a-Fort rarity has been decreased to rare.

Getaway LTM

In this unique game mode, players must collect jewels from locked safes and reach a getaway van to win the match. Four jewels are available on the map and must be acquired from within a locked safe. While carrying a jewel, players will regenerate health and shields, but will be visible to all players for 30 seconds and be slowed down by 10%.

Four getaway vans will spawn per match, three at the start and one near the end of the game. The vans float in mid-air meaning players will have to build their way up while carrying a jewel. To help things move along, 12 red “Pursuit” supply drops, containing weapons and items such as the Grappler, will land at the start of the match. All weapons that spawn will be rare and resource harvest yield has been increased by 50%. Rifts, the Rift-To-Go and Launchpads are not available in Getaway in favor of game balance.

The rest of the patch focuses on performance improvements for the Nintendo Switch as well as numerous bug fixes.

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