WordPress Update 5.0 Introduces The Gutenberg Editor, A Brand New Theme and Much More

WordPress, an open source platform for managing content which is built up and based around MySQL and PHP. Often used for blogging purposes and publishing content on websites, WordPress happens to be one of the pioneer class in what it does. With that, building up on its current platform, the latest update for is arriving sooner than later. The 5.0 update, dubbed as the biggest update in quite a while.

While minor updates will be followed and coupled with the main deal, WordPress developers and publishers have been keen to reiterate the two new additions brought towards it, this time around. Firstly they emphasis on the Gutenberg Editor, a new way to edit text rather than the usual classic WordPress Editor that people normally use. The second one happens to be the theme for the updates platform. Dubbed as the Twenty Nineteen theme, this will be the style suite enveloping the WordPress user interface this time around.

Firstly, Gutenberg. This is not a new feature for those ‘Pro’ WordPress users who may have seen the update as a form of the testing phase in the update version 4.9.8. It allowed for users to try out this new form of the text editing platform. The look of the entire editor window seems ot be revamped and can be seen here below. Apart from that, interacting with it has been changed, the true depth of which would be completely known when the full version is available to the end users and is tested out.

Image: Gutenberg Wordpress
Image: Gutenberg Wordpress

Secondly, the new theme. The Twenty Nineteen theme, while paying homage to the original theme and user interface of the original WordPress that has been around for more than a decade. While all that, the modernization steps in with the minimalistic approach which screams the new decade of user interface design and how we interact with it.

While these new changes happen to be a good sign of a revamp to the entire system, some may even be uncomfortable with the sudden change. Reports have shown that people didn’t work well with Gutenberg which would obviously be taken into consideration before launching the final product and making certain changes which appeal more to the end user, in future updates. When the update does come and one can’t simply stand it, they would still have the option of using the old dynamics with the help of the classic editor plugin.

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WordPress Update 5.0 Introduces The Gutenberg Editor, A Brand New Theme and Much More

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