Alienware Looking to Take on Nvidia, AMD, Asus, and Other in the Component Manufacturing Business

A New Challenger Enters The Game

Alienware is known for creating some really powerful PC but everything it creates, from PCs to laptops, is put together with parts from various PC component manufacturers. However, that will soon change if the company’s change of plans is any indication.

Alienware is planning to take on Nvidia, Asus, AMD, and many other big players of the PC component manufacturing scene. According to the company, it is seriously looking into manufacturing its own brand of PC component.

Frank Azor, an exec from the company recently asked if the company has plans to move into the manufacturing business, he confirmed that the company is indeed looking into it.

And, you know, funnily enough talking to NZXT their inspiration for the company was Alienware because they wanted the Alienware chassis [Predator] and they didn’t want to necessarily buy the entire system – and that’s the only way you’ve ever been able to get an Alienware. But, yeah, it’s absolutely a segment of the market that we are looking at.

On the component side, it hasn’t been a primary focus for us, yet, because we struggled to really come up with ways we can do it better. You’ve got some really great component companies out there. Some of the graphics card partners are very good at what they do, they’ve mastered the art of overclocking and they’ve mastered building high quality, highly reliable add-in boards. You’ve got SSD manufacturers out there that are doing an exceptionally good job

He added that the company wants to do it right and not just to put their name on something. They want to deliver on the promise of quality products, something that Alienware represents. Alienware plans to create its own line of PSUs, motherboards, mice, keyboards, and may even create GPUs. But the company admits that GPUs are a tough market to crack into.

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Alienware Looking to Take on Nvidia, AMD, Asus, and Other in the Component Manufacturing Business

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