Alienware Prepping to Launch 500Hz IPS Monitor at CES 2023

A high refresh rate monitor will undoubtedly give you the upper hand against your opponent in a fast-paced title. Of course, most of us are familiar with a 144Hz, 165Hz, 240Hz, and sometimes even a 360Hz monitor. Beyond that seems too far-fetched and most don’t bother to venture into that territory. However, Alienware thinks otherwise as it is preparing a whopping 500Hz IPS panel, set to be announced at CES.

Alienware 500Hz IPS Monitor

Hardware leaker chi11eddog has once again shared the specifications of an upcoming monitor. As explained above, this is not your average display. The Alienware AW2524H termed a ‘FAST IPS‘ monitor is set to be unveiled at the upcoming CES 2023 event which will unfold in the first week of January. The monitor itself features a 480Hz (Achievable via the DP) panel which can be overclocked to 500Hz, with DP of course.

This monitor packs the standard 1920×1080 resolution. Why not 1440p, one may ask? Well, good luck maxing out that 500Hz refresh rate at such a high resolution. Jokes aside, this monitor is aimed at the professional e-sports segment of the market. As there exists no ‘D’ in the model name, it is safe to assume that this will be a flat-panel display. Fret not, as more than 90% of IPS displays are flat. If you’re a curved monitor fan, better turn to VAs.

Staying on the topic of the naming methodology, this monitor may come out to be 25 inches diagonally, highlighted by the ‘2524‘ in the name. The ‘H‘ may stand for high-refresh rate, though that is yet to be confirmed. 

In any case, Dell’s Alienware sure is not the first to introduce such a monitor. The ASUS ROG SWIFT 500Hz was also a contender in the same 500Hz category. Though, that monitor had a TN panel which has very poor viewing angles. The inclusion of IPS may be a major selling point because color accuracy does matter to most gamers. However, we can only speculate until CES. Similarly, do give the reviews a check if you opt to buy this monitor.


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