Alienware Founder and GM Frank Azor Says Intel Won’t be an Immediate Threat to Already Established Companies in the GPU Space

GPUs are one of the most, or rather the most important hardware for a gamer. Currently, the GPU market is clearly dominated by Nvidia, with little competition from AMD. However, things might heat up a bit in the coming days. AMD will be looking to turn the tables with their 7nm Navi GPUs. On top of that, we have Intel joining the GPU race as well. with their Artic Sound line of GPUs.

Intel’s entry into the GPU market will definitely turn out to be a good thing for the consumer. More competition clearly directs towards healthy and competitive pricing. However, one should not hold high hopes from Intel. At least according to Alienware Founder and General Manager Frank Azor. In an interview with India Times at CES 2019, Frank emphasized how Intel won’t be an immediate threat to the likes of giants like AMD and Nvidia. He said. “I mean Intel is an extremely capable company that I’m sure will produce some really good product. But I think it’s unrealistic to think that they’re going to best the likes of NVIDIA or AMD immediately.”

Elaborating on that, Frank says that Intel has an enormous challenge in front of them. That is, beating the likes of AMD and Nvidia. He further adds that he thinks “Intel will come in with a good product, and it will serve its place in the market”. But, don’t expect it to beat the like of an RTX 2080 Ti, as that’d be unrealistic. Speaking of the increased competition, he says “we embrace the added option of having Intel graphics come into the picture”.

While Intel will definitely launch a competitive product, Frank is pretty spot-on on this one. Surpassing the likes of GPU industry veterans like AMD and Nvidia won’t be an easy task.  And if Intel does pull it off, it might turn out to be the next big thing in the GPU industry.

Md Armughanuddin
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