11 Best Alien Memes

It isn’t just about believing whether aliens exist or not, but, it is enjoying the mere fact that these creatures we call ‘aliens’ have made it to the internet and are making us laugh real hard through the alien memes.

How did it all start?

It all started with a TV show host, Giorgio A. Tsoukalas, who truly believed in the existence of aliens and argued that people of the past have encountered conversations with these aliens. But it wasn’t just his stance on aliens that was being ‘meme-d’ about. But his overall image while he was on History Channels show called the ‘Ancient Aliens’, became super popular for his quirky hairstyle and the way he used his hands to make a point about aliens existence.

How can you use Alien Memes?

Since the alien memes meant that every possible question could be answered with a simple answer, which was, ‘aliens’. You can use these memes pretty much anywhere and everywhere.

This basically reflects the idea that if there is anything that cannot be justified through any other explanations, aliens would or could resolve that situation.

And since most of the alien memes use this specific image of Tsoukalas, it adds the humour to it, making it unexplainably funny.

I have collected 11 most hilarious alien memes that you would thoroughly enjoy.

1. When You are In History Class

Did you mean the History Channel?

History would definitely remind you of aliens. Even though aliens isn’t the topic studied under history, but you saw Ancient Aliens.

2. There is No Reasonable Argument When It’s About Aliens

It is right if the answer is aliens.

It has to be aliens.

3. Aliens Exist

Could be?

Do they?

4. The Aliens Got Me The Job

They love doing some social service

Without the aliens, I couldn’t have landed this job, is what you suggest?

5. Aliens Couldn’t Be Any Other Color

That is the reason why aliens can be seen.

Because green is the new ‘Alien’.

6. I Said So

The answer is Aliens, like always.

Saying it was aliens just makes sense.

7. Alien Hairstylist Exist

The Alien knows what I like

So that is the reason why everyone relates it to aliens.

8. Who is Behind the Wet Door Knob

Humans cannot do this. Aliens can.

Let me guess, has to be the aliens. Who else could wet the door knob? ‘hmm’.

9. Human Aliens

humans are aliens after all.

Humans are laughing on alien jokes like they couldn’t laugh on any other meme like this. Is there a deeper reason for this? I guess Tsoukalas got it right this time. Humans are aliens aren’t they?

10. Disappearing Socks? It was the Alien

Who took the missing sock?

So the next time when you are doing your laundry, and find anything, as small as socks disappearing, know that it wasn’t your kid who hid it. It was the ‘alien’.

11. Meme Creators are Aliens

And they wanted to become famous like this?

Maybe yes, their planet disowned them so they had to make their debut on earth through the memes. This makes sense now doesn’t it?

This has to be the best one for today. So much alien talk could actually lead us to one simple conclusion. Yes, it begins with an ‘A’ and ends with an ‘N’, ‘ALIEN’.

It almost seems like the aliens have taken over. But I couldn’t agree more to this that, it was the ‘aliens’ that made me laugh right now. Or maybe the alien memes.

Habiba Rehman
Major love for reading, but writing is what keeps me going. Dream to publish my own novels someday.

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11 Best Alien Memes

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