Alexa Turns DJ for Amazon Music Customers

Alexa will now find playlists for customers based on their mood and preferred genre

Amazon’s music streaming service has added another feature to help you with your playlist. The company announced today that it is introducing new features that will help people chat with Alexa in a natural way. Alexa will help people find an ideal playlist according to their choice. The virtual assistant will engage with Amazon Music customer’s to play the music they want.

People can engage with Alexa by giving it a situation and the assistant will find the right playlist. Back-and-forth conversation between users and Alexa will help to narrow the playlist options. Through the conversation, users can tell the virtual assistant what music do they like and dislike. On the basis of this, Alexa will remember the choices made by Amazon Music users.

To kick off the conversation, Alexa will ask Amazon Music users regarding their preferred choice or a particular genre they like. Alexa will ask the users whether the playlist is for them or it can be used by someone else. This is because if kids are using the Music service, the virtual assistant will automatically skip explicit songs.

Once the basic questions are answered, Alexa will start to filter out different playlists for you. You can keep any of the playlists or continue your search to find the best playlist of your choice. The virtual assistant will help you with your playlists according to your mood or tempo. So you can get customized playlists based on your choices and Alexa will keep it changing for you.

Once Alexa gets to know about a user’s preference, it will use machine learning to provide music content that best suits the users. The features will be rolled out on the Amazon Music app on iOS and Android. All Echo devices of Amazon will also get the update. People who are listening to Amazon Prime or Amazon Music Unlimited can use Alexa for playlist advice.

This is not the first time that Amazon is integrating Alexa into its Music. In the past different voice control options have been introduced so people can easily play music on their Echo speakers.

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Alexa Turns DJ for Amazon Music Customers

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