Alan Wake Remastered Has Officially Been Confirmed for Xbox, PlayStation and the Epic Games Store

The remake of the highly influential horror adventure title will be releasing this fall.

An open letter from developer Remedy Entertainment’s creative director Sam Lake has just been published, announcing the release of the remastered version of the action-adventure title Alan Wake. Alan Wake follows the titular character’s descent into madness as he tries to find his wife in the small town of Bright Falls, Washington.

The letter confirms that the Alan Wake Remastered is nearing its completion and should soon be available for multiple platforms. It is set to be available for PC on the Epic Games Store, Xbox, and unlike its original version, for the PlayStation as well, both current and previous generations. As stated in the letter, this was actually not the original plan:

“The original game was only available for Xbox 360 and a few years later, PC. We are thrilled about the opportunity to bring the remastered version out for a new generation of platforms. I am excited to hear what you think about Alan Wake.”

Alan Wake was originally released in 2010 and 2012 for the Xbox 360 and Windows, respectively. The game puts players in the shoes of Alan Wake, an author suffering from writer’s block whose vacation in the sleepy town of Bright Falls, Washington takes a turn for the worse. Its gameplay revolves around the player battling the “Taken”: malevolent shadows that attack the player and exploiting their weaknesses to light. Usage of flashlights in conjunction with other weapons is key, as well as sticking to areas with light sources such as street lights. Other tools such as flare-guns and flashbangs are available as well. Alan Wake released to positive acclaim, with praise pointed towards its plot and storytelling as well its take on the psychological-thriller genre.

The remastered version is set to release this fall 2021. A few more things not mentioned in the letter and are yet to be confirmed are whether its two equally acclaimed DLCs: “The SIgnal” and “The Writer” will be included in the remastered version. It is also yet to be confirmed if the game will be available to other platforms soon. Alan Wake Remastered, published by Epic Games Publishing, will be available on PC on the Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4/Pro, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

Kenneth Araullo
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