AKG Y50BT Wireless Headphone Review


Budget Headphones

  • Budget Friendly
  • Impressive Battery Life
  • Great bass output
  • Can get uncomfortable if used for a long period of time
  • Feels somewhat heavy

Frequency Range: 20-20kHz | MAX input power: 50mW | Impedance: 32ohms | Cable length: 1.2m detachable audio cable | Connection: Jack 3.5mm | Sensitivity: 113dB SPL/V

VERDICT:The AKG Y50 BT is definitely one of the best budget headphones out there, we really liked these headphones as their sound quality was very well and its a very budget friendly headset. However, the problem we faced with these headphones is that the headphones aren't meant for long term usage as they are On the Ear headphones instead of being Over The Ear. Other than that we are fully satisfied with the headphones.

The first look of the AKG Y50BT

AKG is a brand that might not be as popular as it’s competitors like Bose or Sennheiser. But if you are someone who listens to songs regularly or someone who has an interest in music then you might have heard the name “AKG”. Even though people might think of the brand AKG as a nobody, but AKG is actually owned by Samsung Electronics and they specialize in the production of Headsets, Microphones and Digital HI-FI Sound Systems. AKG actually produces a variety of headphones and today we are going to take a look at their “Y50 BT” wireless headset.

The AKG’s Y50 BT are some of the best budget headphones that are available in the market nowadays, meaning that if you are someone who loves to listen to music while taking a walk in the park or while you are on a long flight or maybe you just want to relax in your room, looking for a pair of headphones that will not be very heavy on your budget. Well, worry not because AKG has got you covered with its Y50 BT. While being budget-friendly they also come packed with a bunch of features such as apTX, Bluetooth and many more features which we will be talking about shortly.


The “Okayish” Design

The box is a very simple one and we can see our headphones because of the translucent material used on the front of the box. Out of the box of the AKG Y50 BT, we get a nice carrying travel pouch which can be handy at times, some quick start guides, a 3.5mm Audio cable, a micro USB cable for charging and some other stuff then we have our headphones themselves. At first glance, we can see “AKG” written on the outer side of both the ear cups which may not be found attractive by everyone. The outside of the ear cups feels very solid and also give a feeling similar to that of metal.

The headphones as a whole are made up of aluminum and plastic. There is a synthetic leather padding on both sides of the ear cups that gives a premium feel to it and also it helps to comfort the user’s ear when listening to music and stuff. The leather is very soft and feels very comfortable when wearing headphones. The ear cups can be rotated to a full 90-degree angle and can easily be folded to fit in a small place like a pocket. These headphones are not really suitable for long usage. They start to feel heavy after long usage and give an overall uncomfortable feeling. A thing worth noting is that these headphones are “On-ear Headphones” rather than being “Over the ear Headphones”. So if you are looking for Over the ear headphones then these headphones might not be for you. These headphones are clearly made to attract the younger generation as their overall style is mostly favored by teenagers nowadays. That being said they are not solely made for the teenagers as people a little older than teenagers can also use them without any inconvenience.


A closer look of the volume up button

Although the Y50 BT are targeted towards the budget side of the market that doesn’t mean AKG compromised on the features of the headset, their features are just as good as their price is. These pair of headphones are built with a technology called “AptX”. What this technology does is that it ensures that there isn’t any degradation in sound quality when using Bluetooth. There are also buttons on the ear cups of the headphones which can be used to raise or lower the volume of the music when using Bluetooth. These headphones also come with an excellent battery life which can ensure up to 20 hours of runtime. So these headphones can be your best companion when in a long flight or if you want to listen to songs all day long. This particular model also comes in with Bluetooth so you can listen to your favorite playlists wirelessly without any hassle. The signals aren’t really good on this model as you can only go as far as 8m away from the headphones before the signal gets disconnected. The battery in these headphones is charged by using a micro-USB port that is clearly visible on the side of the ear cup. There is also a microphone in these headphones located at the right ear cup. These headphones don’t have the best microphone out there, there is no active noise cancellation or any sort of high-end technology for the microphones but it does get the job done. The headphones can be used using a wire and also wirelessly. If the headphones run out of battery and instead of charging them you still want to use them, then you can do this easily by plugging in the 3.5mm wire (that is given with the headphones) with your mobile phone or any device that you are using with the headphones. That being said the volume controls on the side of the ear cups stop working as soon as you plug in the wired cable to your device. The only way to turn up the sound after plugging in the wire would be by using the volume controls on your mobile phone.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality AKG

The sound quality on this headset is no joke. AKG made sure to give the user their best when it came to the sound quality of AKG Y50 BT. The sound quality is remarkable in AKG Y50 BT considering the fact that they are also wireless headphones, the sound coming from these headphones is exceptionally well if not the best then they can easily be called one of the best sounding wireless headphones in the market. The quality of the sound is good enough to easily make it into the “Good wired performance” criteria. The sound on these headphones is very clear which makes it easy for the user to enjoy the music to its fullest. Like any other good headphones, the AKG Y50 BT also has very good bass to elevate your mood even more. The bass on these headphones unlike many other headphones doesn’t interfere with the actual music so you get a very good sub-bass which can come in handy if you are someone who listens to rock and electronic music. The bass is so good that even when you are listening to the song with a 100 percent volume, it doesn’t feel cloudy or muddy. The headphones do leak a bit of sound if you are listening to music with your volume turned up to 100 percent. The sound quality can be refined a bit by using the wired cable with the headphones but the difference isn’t really notable.


Can be rotated as shown in the picture

The AKG Y50 BT are very versatile and can be used with almost every device that you come across. The headphones have a wired cable and they also have the option for wireless connectivity using the Bluetooth 3.0 in case your device doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

User needs

The AKG Y50BT is a very user-friendly headset and can be used by almost every user. But like every manufacturer AKG also had its priority set for a specific group of people. That targeted audience for this headset was the youth. These headphones attract a lot of attention of the teenagers and are almost perfectly fitted to them regarding all the aspects. The design is what we would call “Cool” also these headphones come in a lot of bright colors which are mostly preferred by teens, and also the headphones are very budget friendly which is always a plus point for the teenagers, the features that these headphones packs are also very well suited to the younger audience. These headphones may not be very well suited to the gym going people as they are not spill proof or anything, but if taken care of then they can definitely be used to last a long time.

Final Verdict

These headphones are some of the very best wireless headphones in the market that are budget friendly as well as good in terms of features and performance. These headphones were seen outperforming both the Audio-Technica ATH-SR5BT and the Sony MDR-XB650BT. The sound quality on these headphones was also of exceptional quality but the downside of these headphones is that they are not really meant for very long usage. They start to feel heavy after some hours of usage and they feel really uncomfortable on the ear. Another downside would be that they don’t fit tightly on the head and can fall down when you face the ground. But these are definitely a buy if you don’t use headphones for very long time durations. Overall we were very satisfied with the headphones and we would definitely recommend them.

AKG Y50BT Wireless Headphone


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