AKG P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone Review

AKG P220 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

The Sub-Standard Microphone

  • Build Quality is very good
  • Comes with a Shockmount and a good looking storage box
  • Sound Quality isn't really good
  • Microphone made hissing sounds sometimes
  • Is fairly heavy in hand

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz | Polar Pattern: Cardioid | Sensitivity: ~-34dB | Max SPL: 135 / 155dB | Equivalent Noise: 16dBA | Impedance: 200-ohms | Power Requirement: +48v +/- 4v

VERDICT:The AKG P220 is a microphone that has a great build quality and some decent features as well, although the sound quality of this microphone is not the studio grade sound quality, if you are after the studio grade sound quality then this mic may not be for you although it is going to be the perfect microphone for you if you are someone who is a home musician, meaning that you record you songs while also playing a guitar in the background maybe and just like to record your songs and you dont care even if the sound quality is not the same as that of studio then go for this microphone without a second thought.

The First look of the AKG P220.

AKG is a brand known for its budget-friendly headphones and microphones. They produce some of the best quality audio products that are easy on the pocket without compromising on the performance and quality at the same time. Today we have a typical AKG product on our hands, the product that packs decent features, good build quality and is also budget friendly; The AKG P220 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. The P220 is not really an attractive microphone that you will love to look at all day, but microphones aren’t really supposed to be beautiful I guess. AKG didn’t really work hard to make the microphone look beautiful but instead they focused more on what the microphone is supposed to do, they put a lot of features in the P220 and ensured that it performs well when it comes to sound. But that is what the company says, let dive deep into this condenser microphone and check out if it lives up to the hype or fails miserably.

Inside The Box

The AKG P220 comes with a very well designed and fancy looking storage box. The box itself is a very good looking one featuring silver and black finish with “AKG” written on the front of the box.

Box Content

Inside the box, we get a shock mount with the 5/8 to 3/8 inch Adapter, a bag of some extra elastic band for the shock mount and the microphone itself.


The AKG P220 features a very simple and minimalistic design and nothing very fancy. The microphone features an overall black color on its body while the body is made up of metal. The microphone has a metal grille on the front. The design of the AKG P220 is extremely stealthy and it may be one of the simplest microphones out there in the market. But the all plain and simple look can also be very pleasing and some of the users might also prefer the all simple look instead of the fancy looks on the microphone. Design wise the P220 is very similar to its big brother, The P220. The design of both of these microphones is very similar and the metal grille is also the same and feels the same on both of these microphones. On the front of the microphone, we will find the high pass filter, it is a bass roll-off switch which rolls off at 300 Hertz at 12 decibels/Octave and it also has the -20 Decibel pad which is useful when the user is recording loud sound.


Faced at the front, on the bottom of the metal grille we find the “AKG” logo on the microphone and also the model of the microphone “P220” written under it. Then coming to the bottom of the microphone we will find the XLR port.

Build Quality

The build quality of AKG P220 is exceptional. It has an overall metal body that is very rigid and sturdy, the grille that the microphone features is also made up of the very good quality. The grille is also made up of metal and is one of the finest grilles seen on the microphones. The grille is a very sturdy one and it doesn’t bend or anything even when the microphone is firmly grasped with the hands. The build quality of this microphone is so good that the P220 doesn’t even feel like a microphone that costs around 150 dollars. For the build quality that the microphone has, it feels like the microphone costs a lot more than that. As the AKG P220 features such great build quality so because of the all-metal design on the grille and the microphone itself, the microphone weighs almost over 1 pound making it one of the heaviest microphones out there in the market. Overall the build quality of this microphone is just too good, gives an awesome sturdy feeling when held in hand and also comes in with the best-built metal grille. In its price range speaking quality wise, The AKG P220 is probably the microphone with the best build quality.

P220’s polar pattern


The AKG P220 comes in with a lot of features packed inside it. For starters, the AKG P220 features a Cardioid polar pattern and what it does is that it helps to focus only on the voice coming from the front of the microphone while ignoring any of the sounds coming from the side of the microphone or coming from the background. Which ultimately results in a smoother and quieter sound thus leaving the user with a satisfying experience. The Cardioid polar pattern highly benefits the gamers or streamers, as streamers or gamers are often pressing their keyboard buttons loudly and even smashing them sometimes, or maybe if they decide to rage on some game the cardioid polar pattern will block all the sound coming from background so you can rage all you want behind the microphone. The microphone also features a frequency response of 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz. This microphone has a maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level) of 155 decibels. The AKG P220 also require a Phantom power for it to connect it to other devices just like the Audio Technica AT2035. Overall the features of this microphone are very much similar to the P240 except for some.


In terms of performance, the AKG P220 performs very well too. This microphone sounds very well when it comes to the mid flat section. The microphone sounds extremely well while recording the vocals, the sound recorded into it sounds extremely real and doesn’t have this made up effect to it that is heard in most of the microphones. The microphone offers a clean and crisp sound with just the right amount of warmth and a nice feel to it. Because of the -20 decibel pad and the maximum SPL of 155 decibels, that this microphone offers, it performs very well with most of the musical instruments.


The microphone sounded particularly well when it was tested with the acoustic guitar, the treble and the air added a nice little touch to the quality of the sound and it sounded just the way we wanted it to be. Although because of the treble and the air boost this microphone doesn’t perform very well with the electric guitar and also while singing. Thus it sounded a bit brittle. The microphone has this hissing sound to it which is not easily noticeable but it is still there. Talking about the performance, in the same price range of 150$ we found the Audio Technica AT 2035 taking the crown. 2035 sounded just perfect and we didn’t feel the hissing or anything of that sort in the AT 2035 as compared to the AKG P220.

User Needs

The AKG P220 is a very good microphone if you are someone who works with loud sounds and loud sounding instruments as the large SPL ranging up to 155 decibels really helps with the loud sounds. It is used very much in the studio projects and also on some on-stage performances. If you are a guitarist and you love to play the acoustic guitars then this might be the perfect type of microphone for you as it performs very well with acoustic guitars. It can be perfect for the users who are just going to be using the microphone for their home use, like if you are someone who likes to record your songs at home and you don’t care about your song being of studio quality then this might be for you.


Finally coming to the conclusion we liked the microphone, it has the best build quality, comes with a fancy storage box to carry the microphone and also comes with a shock mount. Not to forget about all the features that this microphone comes with. The performance of this microphone was alright, it was nothing too good and not too bad either, the microphone didn’t sound great with the vocals and singing because of the treble and air boost, but it sounded really well with the acoustic guitar. We found the performance of the Audio Technica AT 2035 to be far superior to that of the AKG P220 considering that both of these microphones come at a similar price. But if you are someone who doesn’t care about the sound being of studio quality and you just want to record your songs at home or maybe you just want to use it while streaming or maybe even during podcasts then this microphone can do it easily without sweating.

AKG P220 Vocal Condenser Microphone


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