An AIB Partner Stops Production of Arc GPUs

IgorsLAB reports that one giant AIB vendor is no longer producing Intel’s Arc A GPUs.

A coloured and modern representation of Intel’s launch schedule | rosannemetz

Igor did not give the exact name of the brand for obvious reasons, although a picture clearly tells us. As we previously covered, MSI was one of the brands preparing to launch their pre-built dekstops featuring the Arc A GPUs.

Igorslab pointing towards MSI being the possible AIB partner

What’s the reason? Well most likely because Intel has been rather indecisive regarding the pricing, the launch date and the countries selected for launch. These ambiguities add up to the uncertainty which may cost these AIB partners a lot of profit. 

At least one of the big board partners has even stopped the production of Intel cards completely (“due to quality concerns“), as I could find out yesterday and today. […] Other board partners have at least already completely capped their marketing activities, and it does not currently look as if there will be any real launch offensives from the board partners in the time window I mentioned between August 5, 2022 and September 29, 2022. What will really arrive on the market (as retail) will be seen in the next few weeks. From the customer’s point of view, I can only hope for the best, I alone lack faith.

— Igor’sLAB

As for the other issues regarding driver optimizations, we still do not have much news from Intel. These turn customers away resulting in losses in terms of both cash and reputation. It can only be hoped that Intel can step up its game in the software segment.

After massive delays from Q1 2022, team blue finally gave us some hope by stating Q3 2022 as the launch period for the Arc A series. Which GPUs will come? We have no idea. Which countries will be targetted? Intel knows better. 


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