AI-Powered Tone Detector For Grammarly Can Now Detect 35 Tones In Your Writing

You must agree with the fact that tone and tenor are considered to be one of the major factors in a piece of writing. However, having an extra pair of eyes is extremely important so that you don’t miss out any important thing.

The writer’s community and students are well aware of Grammarly. It is a popular plagiarism detection and grammar checking tool that is the preferred choice of millions of people around the world. The company often provides various useful features for the tool.

Grammarly has recently rolled out a revamped interface that provides acronyms, spelling, capitalization, and other features in different tab groups. Moreover, the company pushed machine learning-based proofreading tools for Google Docs. Now Grammarly has offered a tone detector that can easily identify contextual clues within the text.

The tool leverages machine learning algorithms and some hard-coded rules to identify tone based on phrasing, capitalization, word choice, and punctuation. According to a recent survey conducted by Grammarly, 25 percent of participants confirmed that the tone detector informed them that the tone of their work email is extremely harsh. Furthermore, the tone was detected to be too informal for 17 percent people who participated in the survey.

Grammarly stated in a blog post:

Accurately identifying someone’s tone in writing is much harder than it is in conversation. For one thing, you have no facial expressions or body language to hint at a writer’s emotional state. For another, there’s usually no single attribute that is responsible for the tone of a message. In the future, you can expect Grammarly to not only help you identify the tone of your message but also offer specific suggestions for achieving the tone you want.

Grammarly’s tone detector feature can detect sentiments from a document, email or blog post. The tool is able to detect 35 different tones including aggressive, friendly, excited, joyful and annoyed.

The company is currently testing the tone detector feature and it is currently available to the users of Grammarly extension for Chrome. However, Grammarly plans to extend the release to Firefox and Safari as well.

Alex Schoff
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AI-Powered Tone Detector For Grammarly Can Now Detect 35 Tones In Your Writing

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