Agony- A journey through Hell

The most intense gothic game up till now

Finally, the trailer for “Agony” has been released just three weeks before it’s release. Madmind has announced that the game will be released simultaneously on PC, Xbox and PS4 on 29th May 2018.


After watching the full-length trailer, if we had to choose three words for best describing this game, it would be blood, gore, and nudity. Agony is like no other game that you have ever played before in your life. Its environment, the characters, each and everything. It’s a game full of gothic blood shedding creatures coming straight out of hell.

It’s not like any other horror survival game. It seems to introduce a whole new concept. Agony is simply what a person can think of when he is told to visualize hell, and we are damn serious about it. The gameplay features creatures ranging from humongous and little ugly creatures to demons which will be trying their best to seduce you in their own unique manners. The game contains a lot of sexual content. You might wanna take a look at the trailer by yourself:

We’d recommend you to watch the trailer alone, especially not with your friends or family. It probably won’t end well.

Story: Escape the hell

The story that has been revealed in the trailer describes the story of a man who is trying his best to escape hell. He is told about a “Red Goddess” who has quite of a control over hell and posses the ability to release the souls from the damned place. But she probably wouldn’t be that easy to convince and the player will go through hell (Yes, that was a pun) to return back to the world of the living. Further details about the story haven’t been revealed yet by Madmind.

Another thing to be noted is, that Madmind still had to censor some stuff for the release of the game. If it had been a PG-rated game, then it’s release on consoles wouldn’t have been possible. Ultimately, they decided to come up with the idea of providing a patch for the PC version, which the players can download to experience the real Agony which was meant to be developed in the first place.

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Ahmad Khan Niazi

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