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Everything You Need To Know about This Remote Desktop Software

Have you ever tried guiding a non-tech person through the process of fixing an issue with their computer? It’s a nightmare. They can make even the easiest task seem so complex. Luckily, Remote Desktop Control technology was invented so that you don’t have to suffer anymore. You can now take control of a customer’s computer from anywhere as long as you have a Remote Desktop software. AeroAdmin is one such program. A favorite tool for many due to its simplicity, affordability and also because it’s more than a remote help desk tool.

AeroAdmin Review

The tool can connect to computers on the same or different LANs behind NAT and allows remote system administration, easy monitoring of remote computers, online meetings and the setup of an online office. And on a personal level, this software provides you with the perfect way to connect with your home computer when you are away.

In this post, we will be analyzing AeroAdmin in-depth as we try to establish what makes it such an excellent software for Remote Desktop Access. This should help you make an informed decision on whether it is the right tool for you or not.

Features Overview


Before analyzing the practical side of any software, it is important to first establish what it claims to do on paper. This will be important when it comes to judging whether it is failing or succeeding in its role. These are the key features of AeroAdmin.

Unattended Access

AeroAdmin Unattended Access

Unattended access to PCs and servers is my favorite feature of AeroAdmin. This works by configuring the software to run as a service eliminating the need for a physical presence on the remote side every time you want to establish a connection. In unattended access mode, you can log on/off the remote computer, switch users or reboot it in normal and safe mode. However, you cannot switch on the computer if it is completely shut down. Unless you incorporate the Wake On Lan technology.

File Transfer

AeroAdmin File Transfer

One major advantage of AeroAdmin is facilitating data security by keeping the sensitive information on the remote computer and instead enabling you to access it through a secure encrypted channel. Nevertheless, when necessary you will still be able to easily copy files between the admin and the remote computer. What’s better, in case of connection disruption in between transfers, the task is paused and you will still be able to resume the upload/download when a connection is established again. Of course, every data sent between the two sides is encrypted to enhance security. AeroAdmin combines AES with RSA encryptions which are the same security standards employed by banks and government systems in their digital signatures.

Contact Book

AeroAdmin Contact Book

AeroAdmin has a small database where all the contact information is stored. This includes computer ID, Computer Name, person name, phone, email, and other information. You can store as many contacts as you want and you will still be able to find it thanks to the quick search filter. The contact book can be exported to the cloud and can also be copied to another PC.


Simple Message Services

AeroAdmin Ticket

This is an important feature that allows the customer to contact you directly through the software when they need remote assistance. The only downside is that you cannot reply back since the message is registered as a ticket. The system uses a unique ID to identify the message so that you can know exactly who it is from.

Parallel Sessions

Aeroadmin can be used to establish several incoming and outgoing connections. So you can use it to control multiple remote computers. And the remote computer can also be controlled by several admins.

Branding and Customization

This is a feature that is only available on the premium edition of AeroAdmin. It allows you to customize the UI so that it has a personal touch to it. You can put your company name and logo on it and other contact details including your company’s website. It also allows a number of configurations like the ability to preset the access rights before deployment of the software to customers. Normally the access rights are configured from the remote side which can be overwhelming when you have a number of customers using the software.

How to Set Up Remote Desktop Connection Using Aeroadmin

Now to the practical bit. Let’s dive into how you establish a connection between the admin and the remote computer. It’s a really straightforward process involving about 3 steps from the moment you launch the application.

The AeroAdmin application is portable so you just need to download it and run it on both the admin and customer side. No installation required.

How to Set Up Remote Desktop Connection Using Aeroadmin

Once it is launched, AeroAdmin assigns your PC an ID that will be your identification going forward. And if you are using your PC as the remote controller here are the ensuing steps.

Step 1 – Request the remote computer to send you their ID and then enter the ID on the field labeled ‘Client ID/IP’.

Step 2 – Specify Exactly what you want to do on the remote PC. The available options are remote control, Monitoring or file transfer.

Step 3 – Click on the connect button to send the connection request.

That’s it. The remote PC then receives the control request and has the ability to accept or reject it.  Then they will need to specify the level of control that they give you over their computer. These levels of access include the ability to view the screen, control the mouse and keyboard, clipboard synchronization, and access over the file manager.

AeroAdmin Client Side

And you are done. You will now be able to remotely control the customer computer based on the access rights granted. The remote computer can end the connection anytime by clicking the stop button on the Aeroadmin window.

How to Setup Unattended Access using AeroAdmin

The steps above only apply for normal control where the customer will be present to accept the connection request. For unattended access, the procedure is a little different.

Step 1 – Run AeroAdmin as a service.

AeroAdmin as a Service

To do this simply click on the Connection button located on the top left part of the User Interface and select the service option. And to run the program normally again just click on service option again.

Step 2 – Configure the Access Rights.

For unattended access, AeroAdmin won’t keep sending connection requests as it does in normal remote access. So you need to define the access rights during the initial connection stage.

To do this, click on the Connection button again, go to access rights and then select the addition icon. You will be prompted to enter the ID of the admin PC. Alternatively, you can select the ‘any’ option so that the selected rights are applicable to any computer that connects to you. You will also be prompted to set up a password to avoid just anybody with your user ID from remotely controlling you.

Configuring Unattended Acess

Finally, you will be presented with a table with the access rights. Select the boxes with the appropriate rights. The last option on the table gives the admin the ability to change their assigned rights.

AeroAdmin Pricing

I would say one of the main reasons AeroAdmin is so popular is because of its comprehensive free version that is free to use for both personal and commercial purposes. Well, and also because it is so simple to use. However, as expected there are some limitations to the free version that you may want to consider. Especially if you are a big business planning to remotely control multiple PCs.

For example, the free version of AeroAdmin only allows 17hrs of connection time every month. It also limits you to 20 endpoints every month. A less consequential but still irritating downside to using the free version OF AeroAdmin it the bombardment with ads. You should know by now, nothing is ever completely free.

Also, with the premium version, you do get some additional features such as transfer and session reports and like I had stated before, the ability to brand and customize the application.

Supported Operating Systems

Supported OS

This tool can be used for every major Operating System. All versions of Microsoft Windows starting from XP to Windows 10 are supported and it can also be used for Windows server, Linux and Mac OS.

What I liked about AeroAdmin

The first and obvious thing that impressed me about AeroAdmin is the UI. It’s so simple and intuitive. Second is the application’s small footprint. It’s just 2MB in size and it’s hard to believe the features it packs. And to top it off, it’s portable. I saved the file on my flash disk and was able to easily use a number of computers as my master computer. All you need to do is plug the USB on the computer and launch the Remote Desktop software all in less than a minute.

Also, the software did not require that I make any changes to my network like port forwarding on the router.

I also love that the client has control over Access Rights and can terminate the connection at any time. This can help prevent the admin from abusing their power sometimes and accessing data that they should not be viewing.

What I did not Like

This tool is generally a great software to use and there is not much to complain about. But still, there are some areas that I feel that AeroAdmin could improve on. First is its lack of a password feature during normal connections. This means that anybody can send a connection request to the remote PC and if the customer unknowingly accepts it then the attacker has access to their system. Malicious people have been known to initiate contact posing as AeroAdmin support, ISP providers or even your OS vendor like Microsoft.

The next issue is that there have been some reported cases where AeroAdmin loses connection randomly even on strong Networks.


AeroAdmin is the perfect tool for anybody that is just starting to explore remote access control. It has great features that you will find in other big remote desktop software though it still lacks real scalability to make it ideal for large enterprises. But for small scale use like with family, friends and small businesses with a small budget, it will be perfect. Nonetheless, if after this review you feel that AeroAdmin is not exactly what you were looking for, I recommend that you check out Teamviewer. It’s another popular remote desktop software that is tailored specifically for big businesses. You can also check out an in-depth comparison of AeroAdmin and Teamviewer.

Zubyan Gul
Zubyan is a Professional PC Gamer and a Systems Analyst. He has written numerous batch scripts for task automation to make his and others life easier.

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AeroAdmin Full Review

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