Adventure Capitalist Guide 2017

Adventure Capitalist is a free game available on Steam. It is considered as an idle game in theory i.e. it plays itself. It is available on various platforms including Linux, OS X and Adobe Flash. It allows players to invest money in certain investments for revenue starting from a lemonade stand. The higher the revenue the player generates, the higher the cash is. A player after resetting his progress receives an angel bonus. It boosts all the revenues generated from the products for the next entire timeline.

This guide contains FAQ’s from various stages in-game and will help you make better decisions in order to advance faster.

Early Game (up to 300 for all businesses)

When should you first reset your progress?

One should generally reset his progress on his first 50-100 angels. Anything beyond the 100 mark takes a long time as this is early part of the game.

When should you perform your second reset?

It is ideal to wait until you double the amount of angels from the total amount of angels your account currently has. So if you performed your first reset at 70, you should wait till 140 to reset again. After you have 210 angels, you would wait till 420 for resetting and continue the cycle like this.

When should I reset? Before going to bed or in the morning?

You always need approximately 3 – 4 hours after you reset to get your establishment back on track so you can afk and the game continues to generate revenue. To sum up, if you don’t have the required time, it is advised not to reset. Therefore, the reset depends on your daily schedule and whether you can put in the hours needed. Some may have this time at night or some in the morning.

What is the best business I can invest in?

There are multiple businesses you can invest into which yield high profits; however, the oil company generates the highest payout per second in this stage. Yes, it takes longer as compared to other businesses but once it’s established, it will enable you to earn angels much faster.

The best way to earn angels faster?

There a number of methods available to increase your production of angels. We tested all of them and through trial and error, found this one to be very effective.

In a nutshell, you need to get all your businesses to a specific tier before moving on to the other ones. For example, you progress from 25 to 50, then 50 to 100, 100 to 200 and so on.

You start with your initial business i.e. lemonade and take it to 25. Then move onto the newspaper and take it to 25, then do the same for the car wash and so on. However, before getting any business to 25, it is essential to that businesses x3 payouts first. Hence after upgrading your lemonade to 25, you should buy the newspaper’s x3 payouts before purchasing your very first newspaper. Now take your newspaper to 25 and by this time you would have enough cash to move onto the car wash. Repeat this process until you have enough investment to invest in the oil company.

After resetting you can start following the opposite starting method i.e. you start from the other side of the ladder. You buy 1 of each business and save your investment for the oil company. Get the oil company to 25 while the other businesses are still at 1 (never forget the x3 payout rule). This method may seem tedious and slow at first but after some time, it earns you more cash.

After you have accumulated 100 angels, it is highly recommended to buy the oil company manager so the oil companies cost 10% less.

After you upgrade your oil company to 25, you have to get it to 50. Remember to buy the payout x3 prior to investing the remaining 25. Once you manage to get it to 50, you should go down the ladder to movie, hockey etc. all the way to lemonades. Again I repeat, always remember to purchase each businesses x3 payout before investing.

After you get all of your businesses to 50, you will start the process all over again so you can get all of them to 100. To sum up, you will start with the oil company again and after proceeding as before, you will work down the ladder.

Repeat the process until you have all your business to 200.

After this, the game becomes very stale and you have wait long periods of time to double your angels in order to do the next reset as soon as possible. By the time you reach the 200 milestone, you should have accumulated approximately 1500- 5000 angels. If you have enough cash at this point, buy the Holy Moola Upgrade to get an extra of 1% angels upon reset.

Early/Mid Game (post 200)

What are the changes involved in Early/Mid game?

If we start to look for changes, we will find only a few. Now you will be relying on the oil company to make the most cash per second. The smaller businesses will be more expensive than the bigger ones such as the Oil Company and The Bank. The main concept you have to remember now is that every dollar you make starts to matter; so there is no room for trial and error.

Can I still get all the businesses to the same tier as I did early game?

No, that won’t work anymore. As I mentioned before, the smaller companies will be more costly than bigger companies now and it will be very unwise to start investing in each of them to get them to the same tier. In short, if you start investing in all the companies with the goal to reach the same tier, you will notice that the cash investment invested in 100 newspapers would’ve been better spent in 100 oil companies.

If I can’t get all the businesses to the same tier, then what should I do now?

There is no specific way to proceed post early game like there was before. Now you have to put in your previous experience, do the math and figure out what your business really needs and what would be more beneficial. You would have to spend angels to get past this point of the game. Look at this example for a clearer idea.

501 Lemonades, 200 Pizza, 200 Car Wash, 200 Donuts, 200 Hockey, 200 Shrimp, 100 Movies, 300 Oil Companies, 200 Banks.

As you can see, we don’t aim to invest money to get all the businesses to 300 because at this stage of the game, it is way too expensive to do that. In a nutshell, you have to invest in bigger businesses and less to the smaller ones. Lemonades are an exception because they are cheap throughout the entire game so you can invest the extra cash lying around.

Are the tips I learned from early game still valid for cash upgrades?

In some cases, yes. However, as you proceed to mid-game you would notice it will become harder to obtain oil companies. You would have to use your own judgment to decide what the most viable option is. Below is an example which we encountered in-game.

An upgrade to the Oil Company costs $800 sextillion; on the other hand, you can purchase 100 more Oil Companies for $160 sextillion. In this case, it is more viable to purchase additional companies as saving up for the upgrade will consume a lot of time and investment.

Is there anything new I need to do at this stage of the game?

You must start sacrificing angels in order to get over obstacles faster. However, never use more than 25% of your total angels for this purpose. Use angel managers and upgrade your angels whenever possible.

Late Game

What are main changes I will experience late game?

The Shrimp business comes out on top with the Doughnuts coming up second. Lemonades drop to the middle ranks while the Oil Companies are the 3rd worst business to invest in.

Another thing to notice is that all the businesses can only reach the next tier upgrade at every 250 instead of 100 earlier. Only 4 businesses (Pizza, Newspaper, Car wash and Doughnuts) still have their upgrades at 100 so take advantage of these changes and invest in them.

Very Late Game

What do you mean by “very” late game?

This is the part of the game when all your businesses are highly upgraded and you have almost have all of them purchased. In this stage everything becomes longer because each money tier only has 4 upgrades available (1, 250, 750 then repeats for every money tier after).

What are the main changes in this stage?

Not much has changed except the rankings of businesses. Doughnut is now leading the market with Car Wash coming in second. The bank is third and Newspaper follows at fourth.

Any specific change to keep in mind during this stage?

Yes, now to double your angels is a very hard and long process. Sometimes, it is more viable to reset your angels when you are reaching your current angels mark. In this stage, it is impossible to sit and wait for your angels to double.


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Adventure Capitalist Guide 2017

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