Adsense Payments Delayed Around The World, Google Asks Users To Wait

Many websites depend on Adsense, being their main source of revenue, based on the ads provided by Google. The payments follows a monthly cycle and is paid out between 21st to 26th of a month, but it has been delayed this month for technical reasons.

Google’s Statement

A lot of people were worried that payments were held due to some fault of their own, but Google released a statement, “Since 22 November, you may be experiencing a delay with your AdSense payments for the month of October. This affects some creators who are part of the YouTube Partner Program. We’re aware of this issue and working to resolve it. You can check back here for updates on the progress of the fix.” 

This does come as a relief for many website owners depending on Adsense. Google still doesn’t state a resolute date for pending payments.

Reason Of The Delay

No such reason has been given, but it can be an accounting change on Google’s part. There’s no way to know, unless Google comes out with a detailed statement later.

Affects Users WorldWide

It seems most of the users are affected irrespective of their geographical location. This can be observed in several threads on Google’s support pages such as this.

What Can Be Done?

There’s not a lot you can do right now, apart from keeping tabs on statements from Google regarding the issue. This isn’t the first time this is happening, there have been delays before but users have received payment within a week.

This can make some users very upset as this delay falls right on holiday season. A lot of people depend solely on their earnings from Google Adsense, so it seems kind of irresponsible on Google’s part. You can also come back to our post here for further updates.

Update 27/11/2018 (1)  Reports are now surfacing on forums by users that payments have started to clear. Let us know in the comments section below if you are still waiting.

Update: 27/11/2018 (2) 7:37 PM GMT Appears to be that payments are released region wise, at the time of writing this payments for UK Publishers are being released as per forum reports.

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