Adobe is Set to Release Illustrator for The iPad Pros in 2020

Apple introduced its current generation of iPad Pros back in 2018, almost a year ago. These are the third generation of the iPad Pro lineup. While the devices were quite powerful, in some cases, more than fully functional laptops, the constraints of the iOS kept it at bay. Even today, after Apple has announced and released iPad OS, we do see certain flexibility but to be considered as a laptop replacement, the iPad Pro is still short of that.

In efforts to make it more of a Pro machine, Apple claimed that it would join hands with Adobe to release full versions of their software to the platform. The thing is, this was announced way back when the product itself was announced. A year later and we finally saw the full version of the Photoshop land on the App Store for iPad Pro models earlier today. While it is still a stripped version of the full platform, it does offer potability to professionals and Adobe claims that the software would grow and expand with time.

Adobe released Photoshop for the iPad today

This sudden release was just in time for the MAX Conference Adobe is hosting. On this occasion, Adobe announced a new app for the iPad which would roll out for devices sometime in 2020. According to Adobe, the company is aiming for an iPad version of Adobe Illustrator. While the app is still in its testing phase and way back in its development life, Adobe aims to make it similar to the Photoshop for iPad. This means that the focus would primarily be on incorporating the Apple Pencil. This would actually work quite well since that is exactly what Illustrator is aimed at. Cartoonists and Animators are set to have a ball with the app when it comes out.

According to the article on Tech Crunch reporting this, the company is carrying out a very closed beta testing program to work on the App. These people would be completely confidential in their dealings. As for the others, Adobe has opened up a signup sheet for those wishing to take part in early beta testing. While they would not gain access to the app immediately, they would be the ones to get to use it before the launch. Other than that, to get the experience up to the mark, Adobe claims to be working with artists focused on the platform to make the experience better in the final product.

While it is certain that the Illustrator would be similar to the Photoshop app for iPad Pro, it does bring the idea of iPads replacing PCs for creative purposes. This is pretty huge considering the size of an iPad and the power that it holds.

Sarmad Burki
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