Adobe Brings about Significant Changes to an Almost Perfect CC Lineup

NAB show started way back in 1923, about 96 years ago. Held at the Las Vegas Convention centre, it is the go-to convention for everything related to Media. All the big names such as Adobe showcase their new products during this event. This year’s show happens to be right around the corner. With two days left until the event, Adobe has announced a couple of incremental updates. While updates like this will be announced at the event, Adobe took the initiative to start off a day early. The updates in question are for the Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and Character Animator. Apart from incremental stuff like better codec and improved render times, they have included a couple of useful features.

Starting off with Premiere Pro, Adobe has included a new layout system for the project panel. Users can now arrange their media according to the project’s requirement. Extending this to After Effects, both the platforms can now share this, working in tandem. Another issue that quite a lot of Premiere users can relate to is audio and text placement. Adobe was keen to include rulers and auto detection which allows for more accurate results. Apart from that, encoding for H.265 and HEVC would be improved. Now if you’re wondering what that means, it basically will result in better loading times and real-time scribbling through the project.

After Effects and Premiere
After Effects & Premiere go hand-in-hand
Credits: Motion Array

Heading over to the After Effects side now. After Effects has always been considered as the photoshop of the video world. Even Mac users would have to agree that while their FCPX is superior to Premiere in some ways, they have nothing to compete with Adobe’s fine After Effects. Making it quite the industry benchmark. While it is all that perfect, Adobe continues to add more features to it. The latest one is the Content-Aware fill tool. It would allow, like in Photoshop, to remove objects in a frame. While that does not sound all that impressive, the software works to keep the entire video that way, judging from that frame. CRAZY! Adobe, while pioneering their Photoshop, have the advantage to play around with other products in a similar manner.

Lastly, we talk about Audition and Character Animator. The latter receives¬†AI-like controls which help in auto recognizing speech. That is some feat. It won’t be long till the entire audio editing process would be taken over by the AI unit, with the human left mostly redundant. Character Animator also receives new puppet like controls. This would give new life to the characters, bringing about a new perspective.

While these are some of the updates that are highlighted the most, don’t think that this is all. Adobe was keen to link an update information file, listing all the major and minor tweaks they made to their products. Luckily, users will not have to wait till after NAB to avail these amazing new updates. These are available as of today for the Adobe CC update. As for the rest of the products, perhaps users will have to wait for NAB and see what else they bring to the table.

Sarmad Burki
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Adobe Brings about Significant Changes to an Almost Perfect CC Lineup

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