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How to: Add A User Using Command Line

I am writing this guide in relation to my previous post on fixing the user profile service failed the logon, some of the users have reported that there are no restore points available to restore to, that may be the case if your system never created a restore point.

So what we will need to do in this case is, boot into safe mode, just like we did in the previous post, and then login to the problem account. (In Safe Mode, you are able to login).

You can also use the instructions for adding user account via command prompt for other tasks if and when needed.

After you are logged in, follow the steps below

– Hold Windows Key and Press R

– Type cmd and click OK

Now, in the command prompt, we will create a new user account (admin). To do this, in the black command prompt, execute the following two commands:

net user /add [username] [password]

net localgroup administrators [username] /add


In the above command, replace username with the new username, and password with the new password, in the second command, replace username with the username you added.

Then, restart your computer and login with this new user account. After logging in, what you will need to do is via file explorer, (Windows key + E), browse to the following location:

C:\Users and locate your previous username, open it and you will see your files and data from the faulty account.

Copy it and move it to the new account.

Hope this helps. Please comment below to let me know if this helped.


  1. Just had this happen on my daughter’s Vista machine.

    This solution worked perfectly.

  2. Hi Kevin – this didn’t work for me either. When restart, new profile doesn’t show. I’m on Win7 Home Premium… any thoughts?

  3. Thanks a lot Kevin

    Actually I dint had the restore point..I format is d only option..then I saw..steps without restore point..I did it n it worked.

    God bless you man. Thanks again

  4. I created the new account but when I tried to login to it, the same error message came up: “the user profile service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded.”

  5. I created the new account but when I tried to login to it, the same error message came up: “the user profile service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded.”

  6. Thank you! This method worked for me very well. One thing to note is that apparently the System restore method didn’t work for me because the antivirus scanner previously installed on my computer was interfering with the restore. Since there was a file that the antivirus could not access, the restore was terminated and so the computer was reverted to the not-working state before the restore. This method was fine for me, although the first step shown here for cmd prompt is incorrect — you put the “/add” after the username and password (which should not have brackets)

  7. I still cant access my fault user folder after i login using the new username. Any option to copy them without using window explorer? Command prompt?

  8. good news, that worked bad news, the new user storage is only 76MB so couldnt copy files. i guess i can copy to an enternal HD then delete the old user acct and mabye gain that memory?

  9. I am so thankful, I found this site and you! You are the only person that has explained ALL the ways to fix this subject and I have to do the Command prompt also. You explain everything in simple non tech knowledge on my level lol. Thank you very much! I’m going to let everyone know YOU are the best!

  10. Hi! I’m srinivas. Thanku for your answer, but i wanna ask one thing… If a system is connected to domain and cannot login in to domain users saying that user profile service failed to login and logging in workgroup account, then what should we have to do??

    no restore points are there….

  11. Thanks Kevin. After MUCH trepidation, I was able to navigate this process successfully. You are a life-saver. All the best to you.

  12. this worked, thanks. i had to restart over and over while tapping f8 before it finally caught, almost gave up but it finally connected to safe mode. windows 7. might have a problem copying old to new but at least i have a working computer!

  13. You should open the command prompt in administrator mode. Then you can execute the command listed here easily. In win 10, type cmd, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator”.

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How to: Add A User Using Command Line

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