NVIDIA’s Full AD104 Featured On the RTX 4070 Ti, Theoretical Performance On Par With the RTX 3090 Ti

A while back, rumours came up regarding the specifications of the RTX 4070. The 70 GPU from Lovelace reportedly has 10GB of VRAM running across a lackluster 160-bit bus. The limited VRAM may cause stutters at higher textures. The cherry on the top is the thin bus, which will drastically decrease bandwidth. 

Although being bottleneck, the RTX 4070 almost outclasses the RTX 3080 Ti. The RTX 4070 uses a cut down varaint of the AD104 GPU. A full AD104 GPU may be used on the 4070 Ti featuring 7680 cores and 12GB VRAM over a 192-bit bus. This theoretically puts it against NVIDIA’s RTX 3090 Ti. This improvement will result in a 40% increase in effective memory bandwidth (360GB/s to 504GB/s).

The power consumption remains a question. The leaks show a possible 400W TDP on the 4070 Ti. So a next gen 400W card outperforms a 450W GPU (3090 Ti) from last gen, cool. This is 100W higher than the 4070’s TDP of 300W. Lovelace may not result in lower electricity bills, however, their performance per watt is extremely impressive.

Performance per watt Ampere vs Lovelace

The leaked configuration of the Lovelace lineup is as follows:

Lovelace Leaked Lineup (Updated)
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