AD102, the Flagship GPU From NVIDIA’s Ada Lovelace Features An Astonishing 48 GB of VRAM

Recently, in a tweet from @kopite7kimi, news regarding the upcoming AD102 chip from NVIDIA leaked out. 

This SKU codenamed ‘the beast‘ is said to feature a massive 18176 FP32 cores along with a humongous 48 GB of GDDR6X VRAM. This indeed is the full fledged variant of the AD102 which may possibly be featured on the RTX 4090 Ti, kinda.

Just a few days ago, leaks came in from @XpeaGPU which showed us the full horse power that the AD102 boasts. The test bench used Control running at 4K Ultra with RT and DLSS to benchmark the full AD102 chip and the results were earth-shattering. Gear up guys because “144Hz 4K” gaming just got real.

A detailed overview regarding the full power of AD102 can be found here. But to keep things short, a massive increase of 2.2x can be seen over the RTX 3090.

Full AD102 vs Ampere | @harukaze5719

The most interesting fact about ‘the beast’ is that it is a power hog, indeed it is, because 800W just for your GPU is not something to take lightly. I wont be surprised if I see a massive increase in power supply sales next year. Although, this does raise some concerns regarding cooling. In short, the AD102 features a massive power increase of ~80% in comparison with the 3090 Ti from Ampere (450W).

Keep in mind that a 16 pin connector is able to supply just 600W of power, so this monstrosity may require two 16-pin connectors just to quench its thirst for more power.

The full AD102 may utilize a 24Gbps memory (fastest the industry currently has) running over a 384 bit memory bus which translates to well over 1TB of bandwidth per second. It is just like being able to transfer 275 1080p movies in one second.

Another theory could be that NVIDIA may be planning to use the cut-down AD102 (AD102-350) on the RTX 4090 Ti because of a discrepency. Every previous rumour featured 18432 cores on the AD102-350, this being the AD102-450 features 18176 cores. It may just be possible that the AD102-450 will be used on a Titan GPU because of the fact that 48 GB of VRAM is not justifiable if used merely for ‘gaming‘.

  • RTX 4000 Titan? : AD102-450
  • RTX 4090 Ti : AD102-350
  • RTX 4090 : AD102-300

Can NVIDIA be reinstating its Titan series? The above leaks do point in that direction. This will be the first time we will see a xx-90 and a Titan GPU in a single generation. 

Interestingly in Ampere, NVIDIA released a xx90 series GPU (3090) as the BFGPU (big ferocious GPU, not what you thought, is it?) aimed at the gaming enthusiasts. Ampere didn’t see any Titan treatment, however, we did see RTX A6000 GPUs based on Ampere for workstations. This upcoming Lovelace based Titan may take the crown as the next BFGPU for gaming or it may just end up in the workstation deparment. Only time will tell.

Can AMD fare well against this titan? Tell us your thoughts.



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