ACER Jumps Abroad the Arc Train with A380 OEM Systems, MSI Confirms the Intel Arc A310

Many AIB partners have started producing their variants of the Intel Arc series. Some partners are GUNNIR, ASRock and MSI. Today, ACER also confirmed its upcoming pre-builts featuring Intel’s Arc A380.

The N50-640 ships with Intel’s Alder Lake CPUs and is powered by either a GTX 1650 for the low-end variants or up to an RTX 3060 for the the higher end of the spectrum. 

This listing is present on an French retailer website that goes by the name ‘Boulanger‘. This PC is currently in the ‘pre-order’ state and will not ship until the 8th of October. If we go back to Intel’s reassurance regarding Arc’s launch (Until 30th September), then it seems as if Arc’s launch is on track.

N50-640 Featuring Intel Arc A380 | boulanger

For a relative price comparison, the 3060 powered system costs around €999, whereas the one featuring Intel’s Arc A380 is just €50 cheaper. Not such a great price to performance ratio, eh? To make matters confusing, a similar PC using the 3060 but with extra RAM and an SSD is €500 more expensive than the base variant. Who knew SSDs would also become a victim of crypto-miners.

Various N50-640 Variants

It is also worth mentioning that MSI has officially confirmed the existence of Intel’s Arc A310. Being powered by the low-end ACM-G11 GPU featuring 4 Xe Cores and 4GB of VRAM running across a 64-bit bus makes it the slowest Arc GPU. This GPU has not been pictured, although being an OEM variant, do not expect an exotic design.

MSI confirming the Intel Arc A310 | MSI

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