Assassin’s Creed Director Who Was Fired by Ubisoft Now Working on A New Game at Tencent

A top employee from Ubisoft who worked on various Assassins Creed games is now working on a game from Tencent.

Ashraf Ismail, a former director of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Assassins Creed: Origins was fired by Ubisoft under accusations of power abuse and extramarital relations in 2020. Reports have come in from the Chinese giant, Tencent confirming that Ashraf Ismail now serves as the “a consulting creative director” of TiMi Studio Group. TiMi Studio Group is a subsidiary company of Tencent Games.

TiMi Studios is famous for its massive hit, Call of Duty : Mobile attracting the attention of over 650M players since in launched in 2019.

Not much information was revealed in regards to Ashraf’s department, one source claims that he is working at a Tencent Studio stationed in Montreal , Canada. It is to be noted that a few ex-Ubisoft members from Montreal also work at the said studio.

During our work with Ash, he has carried himself in a professional manner and has consistently shown an eagerness to learn and grow as both a team member and person.

~ Timi spokesperson to Axios

The studio generated $10 Billion in 2020 making it one of the biggest companies during the pandemic.


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