AAA Studios Have Reportedly Gotten Mid-Life Update Dev Kits for PS5 and Xbox X/S

On GTAFORUMS, Tez2, a data miner and insider for mostly Rockstar Games, recently revealed that “Most AAA companies should have gotten the dev kits of mid-life updates or should get them before the start of next year.”

Rather than being a wild stab in the dark, he subsequently revealed that this news is in fact based on facts. If this is the case, we may see the Mid-Gen upgrades for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in late 2023. This would be in line with the previous generation, as the PlayStation 4 Pro came out three years after the PlayStation 4, and the Xbox One X came out the next year.

With the release of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the Xbox One X, mid-generation console upgrades became a reality, giving console players access to 4K capability (although with some caveats). 

However, it wasn’t as clear whether or not Mid-Gen upgrades would be possible for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S generation. It is not necessary to keep up with higher-resolution screens at this time as these consoles already have the streaming capability that their hardware and most screens can easily handle at a smooth and consistent framerate. 

Current Gen Consoles Would Most Likely Struggle With 8K Performance | Microsoft

Given that 8K screens aren’t going to become more popular in the next three to five years, there may be no need for a mid-generation upgrade this time around.

Concerns about cooling and power consumption add to the mystery of whether or not these consoles have the processing ability to support such a high resolution. Reports already show flaws in the PS5’s primary power unit, not helping the console’s reputation for efficient power use.

Nothing has been confirmed at this time, so take these rumors with a grain of salt. For now, all we can do is wait and watch what happens next with this information. If this is accurate, an official statement should be coming out within the next few days.

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