AAA Developers Of God of War, Call of Duty, Last of Us and More Join Together To Form That’s No Moon, A New Dev Studio

With heavy hitters from the industry’s biggest games and a $100 million investment to back them up, it’s exciting to see the newborn studio’s first big project.

Developers from big-name studios that made the defining games of the past generation have left their posts for a brand-new venture. With talent from the teams that was responsible for The Last of Us, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, God of War, Destiny and more, this new studio named That’s No Moon hopes to break into the AAA industry with this latest venture, and they have already have the financial backing as a means to do so.

With a $100 million in funding secured from Smilegate, a South Korean developer and publisher, That’s No Moon is already setting their sights on their first big project: an action adventure game “that will push the limits of both gameplay and story.”

Big names behind a potentially bigger project

While details on the studio’s first game are limited at the moment, a lot can be inferred from the development team that will shape it. The two leads, creative director Taylor Kurosaki and game director Jacob Minkoff have previously worked together at Infinity Ward, working on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. They were also hand-in-hand in the PlayStation era developing The Last of Us for Sony Entertainment and PlayStation.

The senior figures are also quite well-known within the industry, including CEO Michael Mumbauer, who was previously the head of PlayStation’s Visual Arts Group. The Chief Strategy Officer is Tina Kowalewski, who was also working for PlayStation as head of product development at Sony Santa Monica.

With all those details in the open, the studio’s name itself has been seen as a clue for what their first big undertaking could be. Star Wars’ biggest fans will recognize “that’s no moon” as one of the most iconic lines from the original Star Wars movie released in 1977, and some are taking this as a possible confirmation that the studio’s first big project is a Star Wars game.

It is very possible, indeed, as the exclusive rights to Star Wars games has been released from Electronic Arts, meaning that we will see more games set in the universe from different developers. Ubisoft has already confirmed that they are working on an open-world Star Wars game, and this first project from the eponymous That’s No Moon may just be another one. We will soon learn more, as the studio’s ranks begin to fill and the developer positions are hired for.

Kenneth Araullo
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