The Intel Arc A770 May Retail By Early October

Recently, Videocardz reported that through their sources they have some information regarding the launch of Intel’s Arc A7 GPUs. Reportedly, reviewers already have their hands on the Arc A770 GPU. The unboxing embargo is expected to be lifted by the 30th of September. Whereas, official reviews will surface by the 5th of October. This is in line with their upcoming Intel Innovation Event planned for the 27th of September.

  • Unboxing – 30th of September 9:00 EDT
  • Reviews – 5th of October 9:00 EDT

Arc Inbound

We expect atleast Intel’s Arc A7 to hit the shelves by early October. In addition, the XPG-Hunt winners have started to receive confirmation emails for a once-indefinitely delayed GPU.

Intel Arc Email | Intel via hothardware

Since Intel themselves already have done may showcases, it does not make any sense to push more reviews for a GPU that isn’t even here yet. That combined with the fact that the Innovation Event is just 2 days away, makes it clear that Intel’s Arc A series is coming soon.

Innovation Event

Intel is expected to announce its upcoming 13th-gen ‘Raptor Lake’ CPUs and possibly the Arc A lineup during the Innovation Event. Let us give you a basic rundown of the A770 and the A750’s specifications.

Arc A770

Team blue recently gave us a detailed overview showcasing the internals of the A770. Read more about that here. The Arc A770 ships with 16GB (Limited Edition) / 8GB of G6 memory clocked at 17.5Gbps. The bus spans across a width of 256-bits which amounts up to 560GB/s of effective bandwidth. All this powers, comes in at a relatively low TDP of 225W.

Specifications for Intel’s Arc A770 and the Arc A750 | Intel

Arc A770

Moving lower in the A7 family, we find the Arc A770 shipping with 8GB of G6 memory clocked at 16Gbps. This GPU features a cut-down variant of the ACM-G10 chip. Powered by 225W, expect top-of-the-line performance in DX12 supported titles. The pricing for both GPUs, is still unknown and will most likely change due to the current state of the market.


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