Intel’s Arc A770 Tested In Various Games, Performance On Par With a 3070

Intel is set to launch its Arc A series of GPUs anytime now. The flagship SKU from this lineup, the Arc A770 has been tested in Linus Tech Tips‘ recent video. One may consider these ‘benchmarks’ as a tease because most of the actual testing and results were not revealed, however, we did capture many important things about Intel’s upcoming beast.

The Arc A770 will feature the high end ACM-G10 chip containing 32 Xe cores, 4096 FP32 Cores over a 256 bit bus. This GPU will operate at about 2.4 GHz and at such high speeds, it will deliver a whopping 20 TFLOPs of FP32 performance. In comparison, NVIDIA’s RTX 3070 has FP32 performance of 20.31 TFLOPS , putting the Arc A770 somewhere in the territory of an RTX 3070 which is quite the uplift from previous rumours.

Not being such a power hog, this GPU consumes a reasonable 225W of power (As per leaks), however, the actual benchmarks show a consumption of about 190W

Intel revealed quite a lot during this session with Linus as Tom Petersen defined Intel’s 3 tiers or levels of games with respect to Arc’s optimization in those games;

  1. The first tier consists of the games which will run the best on Intel Arc A GPUs, over the DirectX 12 API. Some examples are Cyberpunk 2077, Control and Fortnite.
  2. The second tier includes the games which will run ‘moderately’ on these GPUs, utilizing the DX12 or the Vulkan API
  3. The third and the most important tier consists of the games which are not well optimized well for Intel’s new GPUs utilizing the DX 11 API or lower. It is to be noted that the pricing of these GPUs will be based on the performance in this, third category.
List of Top 10 Steam Games and their API | Linus Tech Tips

The main issue for Intel is, that literally all games support DirectX 11 and DX12 is just not well optimized so many developers refrain from using this API. 

In Shadow of The Tomb Raider, Intel’s Arc A770 delivers 40 FPS in the DX11 API which doubles to 80 FPS in the DX12 API. Now, this is just sad as it shows how poorly Intel’s drivers are optimized. 

DX 11 vs DX 12 | Linus Tech Tips


The exact specifications for the A770 were not confirmed, but some of the overclocking metrics were presented infront of us. Although blurry, it can be seen that the GPU Performance Boost is set to around 20%, whereas the power limit is at 190W which can be boosted upto a massive 285W. The most important and concerning figure is the temperature limit, at 125C. Such a temperature would instantly shut down even the most power consuming AMD GPUs from the past. 

Intel Arc A770’s Overclocking Screen | Linus Tech Tips

There has been no official release date of the Arc A770 yet. Adding on to that, the Arc A380 has now been launched in China for the average consumer. Putting the A770 on par with the RTX 3070 along with some improved drivers, Intel is not turning away from its promise to take over NVIDIA’s throne.


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