Intel Arc A770 Benchmarked in Geekbench, Faster Than AMD’s RX 6600 XT

Intel unveiled their 13th GenRaptor Lake‘ CPUs at their Innovation Event which took place on the 27th of September. Along with Raptor Lake, we saw the release date of their upcoming Arc lineup featuring the Arc A770 & the Arc A750. Both GPUs will retail by the 12th of October. The Arc A770 16GB will cost you $349 and the slightly slower A750 comes in at around $289. Today, over at Geekbench 2 benchmarks surfaced showcasing the performance of the A770 in Vulkan and the OpenCL APIs.

Vulkan Performance

In the Vulkan based benchmark, the Arc A770 is paired with the Intel i9-12900KS on the ROG MAXIMUS Z690 APEX motherboard. Memory wise, we see 32GB of DDR5 RAM on the Windows 11 OS. In the performance category, the Arc A770 manages to score 73536 points which is surprisingly higher than we expected.

Intel Arc A770 Vulkan | Geekbench

The A770 takes on AMD’s RX 6600 XT and beats it by around 6%. This is extremely impressive. Against NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 however, it sees a marginal difference almost making it on par with the 3060

Intel Arc A770 Vulkan

Moving on to OpenCL, the Arc A770 extends its lead against AMD’s offerings.

Intel Arc A770 OpenCL | Geekbench

Interestingly, this time the A770 is slightly faster than the RTX 3060 12GB. Of course, it does lose out to the RTX 3060 Ti but these numbers speak for themselves. Intel’s Arc packs quite the punch and that too at a lower cost than NVIDIA.

Intel Arc A770 OpenCL

Real-World Performance

In Ray-tracing, Intel claims that its implementation is even better than NVIDIA’s. Their approach is slighty different than team green, however, the performance numbers we see make it on-par or sometimes better than NVIDIA.

Arc A770 performance at 1080p against the RTX 3060 | Intel

In raw raster performance, the Arc A750 does fall short in some games. Although, other titles offset this discrepancy in favor of Intel.

Intel A750’s Relative performance against the 3060 | Intel

It will be interesting to see what Intel can offer when these GPUs hit the shelves. The Arc A750 looks to outperform the RTX 3060, so we should expect the A770 to offer RTX 3060 Ti levels in gaming benchmarks.


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