Intel Arc A580 Spotted In ‘Ashes of The Singularity’ Vulkan Benchmarks

Recently, over at Ashes of The Singularity we came across the first appearance of Intel’s Arc A580. This GPU has been kept hidden in the shadows since Arc’s announcement.


As a recap, till now only the Arc A380 has been launched (in select countries). The A770, A310 and the A750 have shown up in various Intel videos and a few benchmarks namely:

The A580 as per Intel features 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM while consuming up to 175W of power. This is the mid-end offering from the Arc lineup. Team blue puts it against NVIDIA’s Ampere based RTX 3050 8GB.

Intel’s leaked slide. Source : Intel via Wccftech

Today, the Arc A580 has been tested in AoTS. The test bench features an unknown Intel 16-core CPU possibly from Raptor Lake (speculation). 32GB of RAM has been used for this benchmark at the 1080p resolution using the Vulkan API.


The GPU scores 9300 points at 1080p minimum settings while pumping out a framerate of 95FPS. Of course, we have to compare this score against some other GPU for a relative performance comparison.

AoTS Benchmark for the Arc A580 | AoTS

We compiled a chart showing the A580‘s performance against other GPUs.

The 1660-Ti has performance on-par with the RTX 3050. From what it seems, the A580 falls behind but not by much. Do note, since this is the Vulkan API, performance may vary on DX12 and DX11.

Intel Arc Comparison

The score testing yet again puts Intel behind. Team blue really need to step up their game. These GPUs are set to arrive sometime in Q3 2022. This deadline is set to expire within the next 40 days

Intel Arc Comparison Score

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