Intel Arc A380 Offers Mining Capabilities Aswell

Nanominer’s developer has recently added support for Intel’s Arc A GPUs essentially enabling mining on Intel’s first ever discrete graphics solution.


Crypto miners put this GPU to the test and found out that the A380 mines at a slow 10.8MH/s while consuming 75W of power (TDP). This effectively puts it below even the GTX 1660 series so you wont see mass shortages. Blame this low mining performance on the decreased number of Xe Cores (8) and a very thing memory bus (96-bits).

  • A380 = 0.136 Mh/s Per Watt
  • Most Popular GPUs = 0.38 MH/s Per Watt


The A380 due to its limited VRAM cannot mine Etherium (ETH). However, it can mine Etherium Classic (ETC) due to a lower memory requirement. The GPU features 6GB of G6 VRAM, however, if you are using this GPU as your primary graphical solution then your OS (Operating System) might consume some of the required memory. This makes the available VRAM lower than the DAG file’s requirement.

A380 Mining In Action | Red Panda Mining via Videocardz

Not A Lasting Solution

Ethereum will shift to Proof of Stake (PoS) mining somtime in September. This renders the A380 useless for those interested to make a quick bang for the buck. Besides, due to the added difficulty, even as we speak, this GPU may run you into more losses than profit.

Release Date

The Arc A series has had its set of issues over the past few months. With an initial launch plan of Q1 2022 being pushed back every now and then, we finally have some news from Intel. Team blue plans to launch its Arc A lineup sometime within the next month (Q3 2022). If not by then, expect a global launch within this year. However, until that happens, we may already have seen next gen GPUs from NVIDIA and AMD.

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