A12 Bionic SoC Now Supports Touch ID Courtesy of a Modder

When the iPhone X was released in 2017, Apple replaced the Touch ID with the advanced Face ID. Despite the fact that Apple brought back the fingerprint reader for the lower end iPhones, the corporation is unlikely to do so for any future premium iPhone models due to Face ID’s convenience. Thankfully, that hasn’t stopped one modder from doing it themselves and restoring the feature to an older iPhone. 

The A12 Bionic SoC powers a line of iPhones without Touch ID despite being many generations old. On Twitter, @lipilipsi demonstrated that it is still feasible to add a fingerprint reader to a device that, based on the default wallpaper, appears to be either an iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max. Due to evident space limitations, the modder did not use an in-screen fingerprint solution.

Instead, he uses a brilliant strategy that Apple has already used in its iPad mini 6 and iPad 10 products, embedding the fingerprint scanner inside one of the side buttons of the iPhone. According to his video, @lipilipsi appears to have meticulously affixed the side button to recognize your fingerprint after mounting a component directly onto the A12 Bionic die. 

The software reveals that such a tweak is feasible but will undoubtedly breach your warranty on a newer iPhone by instructing the user to keep lifting and placing the finger on the sensor to register the first fingerprint. We are interested to see whether this modification will work on an iPhone 13 or iPhone 14. Hopefully, lipilipsi will provide us with something similar. 

The latest iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max from Apple are powered by the powerful A16 Bionic CPU. This modification also demonstrates how far Apple has gone with its mobile SoC and internal developments. Recent reports, however, have highlighted the difficulties Apple developers are having in further developing the technology, particularly as a result of brain drain and financial concerns. Apple’s future course is still up in the air.


Muhammad Zuhair

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