A Round Up of Firefox Updates: v62.0 Brings CSS Shape and Font Support

Mozilla has pushed out a whole round of updates to its web browsing products over the last few days. Mozilla Firefox’s Version 62.0 was released just a few days ago on the 5th of September for the desktop using mass public. Version 62.0.1 was just released on the 7th of September for Android devices as well. Other simultaneous releases from Mozilla include the latest Firefox Nightly version 64.0a1 released on the 4th of September, the latest beta & developer’s edition version 63.0beta released on the 5th of September, and the latest beta version 63.0beta for Android released on the 5th of September as well.

According to the release notes available on Mozilla’s website, version 62.0 ties in a long list of fixes, new inclusions, and modifications. The first new feature is that the Firefox Home tab now shows upto four rows of frequently visited sites, pocket stories, and important highlights. In addition to this, users with Containers can use the “Reopen in Container” tab menu to reopen tabs in different containers.

Ahead of all the distrust of Symantec-issues certificates in Firefox 63, a preference to distrust these certificates is available for users to manually toggle and adjust. It is situated in the about:config address bar search. To set it to distrust, “security.pki.distrust_ca_policy” should be set to 2. Along with this, FreeBSD support for WebAuthn has also been added to the browser.

From a graphical standpoint, things have been improved on the whole to operate at the same efficiency without the use of accelerated hardware. CSS shapes are now supported to display better and more crisp webpages. A brand-new Shape Path Editor is also included in the CSS inspector to facilitate this. CSS Variable Fonts support has also been added, lending itself to the customization and aesthetics of web pages.

The Android Mozilla Firefox Update version 62.0.1 brings forward many of the desktop features, enhancements, and fixes of version 62.0 (as is indicated by its release notes). Particularly relevant to this release, though, the most prominent change is that version 62.0.1 fixes the crash that occurs when navigating sites that use WebGL content. This flaw is labeled as Bug 1485441 in Mozilla’s records.

Aaron Michael
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