A Remaster of Half-Life 2 Is Reportedly Incoming – Valve-Approved, But Not Involving Valve

The developer and publisher of the famed video game series will be leaving the development of this remaster to an entirely different team, but with their consent.

In a very interesting turn of events, it appears that Half-Life 2, one of PC gaming’s most beloved and legendary titles, will be seeing a remaster sometime in the future. However, instead of being handled by original developers Valve, it will instead be an undertaking for Filip Victor and his team. Filip Victor and his team is best known for their previous work on Half-Life 2: Update, a very extensive mod for the original game that updates its graphics and visuals, in addition to fixing many bugs for the original game.

A quick check into SteamDB shows some basic information for this upcoming project. Titled Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection, one of the first comments to greet you is that this is a mod from Filip Vector and not at all Valve-related. To be fair, the latter is not the only developer currently on the platform known for overtaking and overhauling a Valve project. Crowbar Collective made headlines last year for finally releasing their modernized take on the original Half-Life. Called Black Mesa, it garnered overwhelmingly positive reviews on Steam and was seen as a faithful adaptation of one of the landmark first-person shooters in the history of gaming.

Valve’s consent, and what that means

The news was dissected properly by Tyler McVicker, the authority on Valve and Half-Life games. In a series of tweets, he noted that the project is a ‘further update and remaster’ on not only Half-Life 2 but also its following episodes as well. Half-Life 2 is not only notable amongst the PC gaming community as something of a landmark title, but also for the fact that Valve has seemingly all but abandoned the series after Half-Life 2: Episode Two. The latter was released in 2007, and in thirteen long years there has been no news on any new Half-Life games despite so many rumors.

Valve finally broke their more than a decade of silence with the release of Half-Life Alyx, which was released for VR devices last year. With this new Half-Life game, it would seem that Valve is more open now to the idea of more Half-Life titles in the future; their approval on many revivals of their old projects points to a future where they work with various developers on these new and exciting endeavors.

Beyond these few snippets of information, there is no more concrete news with regards to Half-Life 2: Remastered Collection. There’s no release date visible, and the developer has not really shared much for what comes next. However, it is worth noting that Filip Victor’s previous work on Half-Life 2: Update was very-well received by the community; besides the fact that it is a free mod that can be enjoyed by everyone who already owns the original Half-Life 2, it also fixed a lot of the many flaws within the original game without changing too much of what made it so great in the first place. Fans of the series can only hope that the same can be said for this next Half-Life 2 project.

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