A new update Will Improve the Dark Theme in the Chrome Browser

Despite its ability to chug even the mightiest systems, Google Chrome remains the most popular browser irrespective of the platform. The dark theme for the system has been here for quite some time now, but it does not make the whole system dark. Even though the browser respects the universal theme settings in Windows, the scrollbar remains light even when the user has specifically opted for the dark theme both in Windows and Browser settings.

The issue has been widely reported, but there has been no fix for the problem until now. According to a Russian site “Community”, Google may be working on improving the Dark theme on the Google Chrome browser. The issue at hand is that the browser does not change the theme of many controls, such as the scrollbar, even if the browser and the site have a dark theme. The problem will be rectified with the upcoming version of Google Chrome for Windows and macOS.

The new version will offer users options to convert many controls, dark or light. The feature will presumably be called “FromControlsDarkMode.” It will allow web pages to determine if the scroll strips should be consistent with the device’s design theme.

If you happen to be using the Canary version of Google Chrome, these changes are already available for you. Users can test these by running the browser with the command line using the following command:

–enable-features=WebUIDarkMode,CSSColorSchemeUARendering –force-dark-mode

Different pages in the browser, such as settings, history, and even websites, will support these settings except YouTube. Somehow the dark scroll strips do not appear on YouTube. Google has noted the issue, and it seems the problem will get fixed shortly.

Mohsin Naeem
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A new update Will Improve the Dark Theme in the Chrome Browser

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