A new Smart Car Lock by Xiaomi: Features a Fingerprint Scanner

China is quite different from the rest of the world. While, in the realm of smartphones, Apple and Samsung fight it out, China has its own top contenders. These two contenders are Huawei and Xiaomi. Same is the case with a couple of other things. China has a perfect substitute for every, in this context, digital commodity. From not using Google as a search engine to not allowing Google Play store on their Android devices. Heck! China may be the only country where WhatsApp isn’t common. Instead, people are more accustomed to WeChat. While this is the case, it is safe to assume that China has created a virtually self-sufficient market. Speaking in terms of Xiaomi, one may be quite confused by the brand and its latest product, a smart car lock with a fingerprint scanner on it.

A Brief Background

To get a hold of what’s going on, one should first know about Xiaomi. While it started off as an electronics company back in 2010, Xiaomi has become more prominent with their cellphones. Their recent Mi9 proved to be quite the success, competing with all the major flagships. While this is the mobile side of things, it should be noted that the consumer electronics division of the company is quite vast as well. From desk lamps to electric scooters, they make it all. Even power banks and laptops!

Smart Car-lock

Coming back to the latest invention Xiaomi is about to put forward. According to a tweet by @alan_polus, Xiaomi is currently working on a smart car lock. What makes the product special is the fact that it is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. Now, this isn’t something out of the blue by Xiaomi, they have come out with the smart door lock as well. A product which worked on a similar principle but for house doors. Even the idea of the product isn’t really original. The Chinese market is full of such products already. According to sources, Xiaomi is pairing up with another Chinese company, Mars Exploration Technology. The latter is an industrial design company, making it quite the perfect match for a sturdy and robust product. The picture below shows the durability of the upcoming product, showing that is is water resistant as well.

Xiaomi car lock
Xiaomi’s Upcoming Smart Lock
Credits: IXBT.com

Since it is quite soon to tell what the product will be like, one can only make assumptions. Yes, while products like this already exist in the market, Xiaomi’s brand level and name will ensure superior quality. Not only that, partnering with Mars Exploration will mean a sturdier and a better functioning product is to be expected. This would be quite a hit too in the Asian market where grand theft autos are quite common. One this isn’t common is auto insurance, so yes, quite the product that users will need. Pricing is yet to be finalised, just like the launch date. The official announcement is set for April 9th.

Sarmad Burki
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