A Lighter Version of the PS5 Digital Edition Has Been Listed by Japanese Retailers

Sony is Revising their Discless Console to Make for a Significantly Lighter beast – but what else could it sport differently?

When the next-gen consoles for both Microsoft and Sony were initially announced in 2019, many pointed out the very different approaches the two companies had in terms of how they will approach the next generation. Sony, in keeping up with their heavy focus on exclusivity and a redefined, redesigned controller, showcased a particularly heavy white beast that featured a fast SSD meant to provide a seamless gameplay experience.

Microsoft, on the other hand, wanted their games to be more inclusive of the general gaming audience and the pandemic that was then gripping the entire world. Taking note of this, they released two versions of their next-gen console: a powerful, no-holds-barred Series X that would aim to play some games at up to 120 fps; and the smaller, yet also beefy Series S, an evolution of their discless Xbox One S Digital Edition console that relied on the power of their Game Pass ecosystem to play its games.

Sony now seems to have seen something worth replicating within the Series S in terms of its overall size and weight, as they are now reportedly developing a Digital Edition version of their PlayStation 5 which is lighter and features something different for its base. The news comes from a translated listing on Twitter, which Japanese retailers are said to be carrying.

Specs, speculations and reactions

The key difference between this new model and the existing PS5 is its weight, as this model removed 300g from the total weight of the console. That is significant, especially considering how big and beefy both versions of the PS5 are. The revised model (CFI-1100B) also sports a new thumbscrew for its stand, in lieu of the older version which calls for a coin or a screwdriver to be removed. While this may seem like a miniscule change to the overall look and feel of the system, players who often find themselves reorienting their console should enjoy this new thumbscrew better as it’s easier to remove.

The Digital Edition of the PlayStation 5 has come under flak from some vocal members of the PlayStation community as digital-only is still seen as something of a negative today, especially as games grow more in size which in turn heavily limits the space in the console’s SSD. For some though, it’s a worthwhile trade; the Series S sold very well thanks to the Game Pass, as having a full library of games already available to play without having to buy anything else made it extremely popular for those who want to get that next-gen experience.

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