A Day in the Life of a Red Dead Redemption 2 NPC

Red Dead Redemption 2 has been released for the consoles, and it’s one of the most polished games of 2018. As you’ve probably seen from the clips flying around, the game is highly detailed and has lots of unique features. Following the launch, curious fans began wondering how the non-player characters, or NPC for short, spend their time in the world. To answer the question, popular video game mythbuster and content creator¬†DefendTheHouse¬†followed a few Red Dead Redemption 2 NPCs for an entire day, and came to some interesting conclusions.

The first NPC from the town of Valentine is observed to be a sheep yard worker. After a full day’s work, he heads to the saloon for a drink before going to bed at midnight. The second NPC, who seems to like drinking a little too much, works as a janitor in the nearby buildings. Unlike the previous NPC who lives in his own house, this man resides within saloon, often falling asleep at the tables with a drink in his hand.

Red Dead Redemption 2 NPC

Lastly, the third NPC is a stablehand worker who lives at a camp on the outskirts of Valentine. This individual is more socially active than the others, as he regularly interacts with other stablehands. Like the rest of the NPCs, this stablehand worker spends his evenings at the saloon. His unique features include an admiration for the harmonica, and the fact that he sleeps in tents.

Red Dead Redemption 2 NPC

Judging from the observed data, its clear that Rockstar has put in a lot of effort while creating unique and separate lifestyles for the characters. We’re not sure if the NPCs follow the same routine everyday, but its still impressive to see how each of them differs from the rest. I’m curious to see if the actions performed by these NPCs have an impact on the game’s environment, and whether or not they encounter random events like the player does. Check out the full video by DefendTheHouse here.

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