9th Gen Mobile H-Series CPUs Announced By Intel, Including the First Ever 8-Core Hyper-threaded Chip For Laptops

Intel has announced the latest 9th generation mobile processors lineup for laptops, the Coffee Lake Refresh H-Series. A total of 6 Laptop CPUs were revealed today, including 2 quad-core i5s, 2 hexa-core i7s and 2 octa-core i9s.

The new i5 and i7 processors have received minor improvements in terms of a few 100 Mhz of increase in base and turbo frequencies. The core count of these chips have remained same to the last generation. The new 8-Core i9 is what’s making the “heat” all over the internet. The i9 9980H and 9980HK have both been upped to 8 cores/16 threads compared to 6 cores/12 threads from last year.

Intel 9th Gen H-Series CPU Specs

The H-series processors (knows as hq-series upto 7th gen) had always been targeted at enthusiasts in the past. With the increase in the number of consumers looking to buy gaming or content creation machines, the industry has made a huge shift to high performance laptops. A few years ago from today, laptops were seen as portable browsing companions and the so called ‘gaming’ laptops were nowhere near in performance to full fledged desktop PCs.

Since the 7th gen of high performance mobile processors, Intel has made huge investments in the field. And today, it has made an even bigger leap in performance. With 8 cores and a 5Ghz boost clock, a Core-i9 laptop is by no means far behind its PC counterpart. The cooling solutions required to reach this level of performance on a laptop will be complicated, however, in my opinion.

Apart from the raw performance improvements, a ton of new technology has also been added to the new lineup, according to the marketing material. Support for Wi-Fi 6 and Intel’s latest H10 Optane memory has been added. Intel claims that upto 128GB of ram can be equipped, 2 DIMM slots carrying 64GB each.

The performance improvements shown off by the company use huge numbers which appear too good to be true and were obtained by comparison against a 3 year old machine. The gains for the mid-range chips will sit somewhere between 5-10% whereas the Core-i9 monster will obviously gain a lot more due to the increased core count. For realistic results, it’s best to wait for some samples to be available for independent reviewers.

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9th Gen Mobile H-Series CPUs Announced By Intel, Including the First Ever 8-Core Hyper-threaded Chip For Laptops

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