Ryzen 9 7950X Scores 50k Points In Cinebench R23 At 6.7GHz

AMD will launch its Ryzen 7000 lineup in just a few days (27th of September). Overclockers already have started to test the potential of these CPUs. Over at hwbot, SAMPSON overclocked the 7950X past 6.4GHz and scored a whopping 48235 points in the multi-core test.

This is not the first time we’ve seen AMD’s Zen4 reaching new heights. A few days past, the Ryzen 9 7950X was overclocked to a massive 7.24GHz across a single core. 

The First Test

In the first test, which is officially present at hwbot, we see the ‘Raphael‘ based 7950X clocked at 6.45GHz paired with 32GB of DDR5 memory. The motherboard used was the ASUS ROG CROSSHAIR X670 GENE on the Windows 10 OS.

Sampson 7950X Test Bench | hwbot

The CPU scores 48235 points in the multi-core test which is a massive 55% higher than last-gen. The CPU consumes around 271W of power, which is 40W higher than the PPT. AMD’s Zen4 does face thermal throttling issues at higher frequencies, so yes, LN2 was a necessity for this overclock. The core voltage is rated at 1.4V, still being in the relatively ‘safe’ territory as far as CPU degradation is concerned.

Sampson 7950X Score at 6.45GHz | hwbot

The Second Test

Videocardz reports that a second ‘non-official’ test was also conducted where the 7950X scores 50395 points. This time, the CPU clocks in at 6.7GHz possibly across all cores. Apart from the motherboard (GIGABYTE X670E AORUS XTREME), the rest of the test bench presumably remains the same.

At such insane speeds, the CPU breaches into the 50k territory beating Intel to the punch. We still cannot verify this test because it is no where to be found at hwbot. Besides, a power consumption number has not been specified. All in all, this does put up some competition for team blue this year. 

7950X’s Score at 6.7GHz | Videocardz


Judging by the initial leaks, we expect AMD’s silicon to be overclocked past 7GHz easily with LN2. It will be interesting to see which CPU takes the frequency lead this time around, and possibly even breaks world records.


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