AMD R7 7700X Pictured Along With An AM5 Motherboard

Recently over at anandtech forums, during an on-going discussion regarding AMD’s Zen4 user cortexa99 shared the first ever image of AMD’s Ryzen 7 7700X. This picture was taken on an AM5 supported motherboard.

This CPU is part of AMD’s Zen4 lineup. Following yesterday’s trend, this SKU features the OPN Code ‘100-000000591‘. Shipping with 8 cores / 16 threads, the R7 7700X is targeted for the mid-ranged market. Giving us more info, SkyJuice on Twitter reported that the small ‘D‘ indicates non-retail silicon, meaning this is merely a test/review model. 

R7 7700X Pictured | anandtech

Harukaze compared this SKU against its Zen3 predecessor and the size is almost the same measuring 40mmx40mm (As reported by Haruzake in the same thread). 

R7 7700X vs R7 5800X | Harukaze

For the power consumption stats, the TDP for all the Zen4 CPUs has been leaked beforehand.

  • 7500? 45W (Max PPT of ~60W)
  • 7600 65W (Max PPT of ~88W)
  • 7600X  95W (Max PPT of ~129W)
  • 7800X 105W (Max PPT of ~142W)
  • 7900X 125W (Max PPT of ~169W)
  • 7950X 170W (Max PPT of ~230W)

Now there is no mention of the R7 7700X, however, if we adjust the above list the TDP comes around ~100W of power with a max PPT of around ~140W

Release Date

This CPU is said to be featured in the initial lineup for Zen4 namely:

  • R5 7600X = 423.99CAD or $330
  • R7 7700X = 613.99CAD or $479
  • R9 7900X = 777.99CAD or $600
  • R9 7950X = 1,140.99CAD or $900

An announcement will be conducted on the 29th of August, as stated by AMD themself where the official release date varies a bit. Initial leaks pointed towards 15th of September as the sweet spot, however, due to BIOS-related issues Ryzen 7000 has been delayed to 27-28th September


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