AMD Ryzen 5 7530U Spotted, The Ryzen 7000 Mobile Lineup Spans Across 4 Architectures

AMD a while back announced the new naming scheme for its mobile CPUs. You can read more about that here. Today, momomo_us spotted the Ryzen 5 7530U based on the Zen3/Zen3+ architecture from the Ryzen 7000 family. Similarly, as highlighted by Videocardz, the Ryzen 7000 series is the first to support 4 different architectures (Zen2, Zen3, Zen3+ and Zen4).

The Ryzen 5 7530U

Over at sisoftware, we can find the official specifications for the Ryzen 5 7530U processor. This CPU is packed with 12CUs possibly based on the RDNA2 architecture. Similarly, the 7530U arrives with a 6 core / 12 thread configuration clocked at 2.0GHz.

AMD Ryzen 5 7530U | sisoftware

If we apply AMD’s own naming scheme, then we can obtain more information regarding this CPU.

AMD Naming Scheme For Mobile CPUs Post 2023 | AMD via Videocardz

The Ryzen 5 7530U is planned for release in 2023 as is showcased by the first character ‘7’. This SKU belongs to the Ryzen 5 family containing a ‘5’ in the second place and is based on the Zen3/Zen3+ architecture (3rd number). Within its lineup, the 7530U is a low-end variant and is targeted at Premium Ultrathin laptops having a TDP of 1528W.

  1. The 1st number determines the year in which the CPU was released. For example, the 7 in ‘7640U’ means that the CPU is from 2023 (See picture below).
  2. The 2nd number is for the market segment. For example, the 6  in ‘7650U’ means that the SKU is from the Ryzen 5 series. Any CPU below the x3xx mark will come under the umbrella of the Athlon series.
  3. The 3rd number tells users about the architecture. For example, the 4 in ‘7640U’ shows that the CPU features the Zen4 architecture.
  4. The 4th number can be one of two possibilities, it will either be a 0 or a 5. For example, the 0 in ‘7640U’ shows that the CPU is a lower-end model within its lineup. Bear in mind, this number makes a difference in specific cases only.
  5. The character at the end specifies the form factor along with the TDP. For example, the U in ‘7640U’ means that the CPU will power Premium Ultra-thin laptops.

4 Different Architectures

The Ryzen 7000 mobile lineup spans across, the 7020 series (Mendocino), the 7030 series (Barcelo-R), the 7035 series (Rembrandt-R), the 7040 series (Phoenix) and the 7045 series (Dragon Range).

Ryzen 7000 Mobile Lineup | AMD via Videocardz

Ryzen 7000 is the first lineup from AMD that supports 4 different architectures. From Zen2 -> Zen4, we can find all sorts of SKUs within this series. 

SeriesMarket SegmentArchitectureFeature Isolation
 7020 (Mendocino)    Athlon, Ryzen3, Ryzen5 Zen2Lower Model
7030 (Barcelo-R)Ryzen3, Ryzen5, Ryzen7Zen3Lower Model
 7035 (Rembrandt-R)Ryzen3, Ryzen5, Ryzen7, Ryzen9Zen3Lower Model
 7040 (Phoenix)Ryzen3, Ryzen5, Ryzen7, Ryzen9Zen4Lower Model
7045 (Dragon Range)Ryzen5, Ryzen7, Ryzen9Zen4Upper Model



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